The Hitesh Mulchandani story: A Pune man who was abducted after fight over peeing outside the bar

A horrifying video is blowing up the internet lately.  A 24-year-old guy was stabbed multiple times in front of a bar which led to his death. And when you find out the reason why he was lynched to death will leave you shocked. Let’s look at the flashback. 

A Guy Got Murdered Because?

On 23 July, a group of six men reached the Kunal bar, Pimpri at 3:30 am. Two got off the car and ordered for beer and one of them started urinating outside the bar. A bar worker saw this and objected to it. But, the one who was Urinating got into a fight with him. And the other broke a bottle of beer on the worker’s head. On listening to the noise the owner of the bar, Rohit Sukheja and his friend Hitesh Mulchandani came and tried to stop the fight. 

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The Hitesh Mulchandani story: hitesh mulchandani pimpri
The Hitesh Mulchandani story. Image Credits: Policenama

But, the other four started dragging Hitesh into the car. Therefore, the Sukheja and the bar workers trying to get ahold of the other two. 

After getting caught Hitesh was stabbed several times by them. Later on, Sukheja and those men made the deal to exchange the Hitesh with one of their men. When their phone switched off at 6 am, only then Sukheja filed an FIR at Pimpri police station. 

Are They Still Free?

Well, out of those six men five got arrested. Their names are Akshay Sanjay Bhosle, Yogesh Tompe, Amin Khan, Shahbaz Shiraz Qureshi, Arbaaz Sheikh, and Ajay Sawant. And, Amin khan is still left to arrest. They all are booked under 302, 201, 326, 364, 504 and 34 sections of the Indian Penal Code.  Well, it wasn’t a fight between a Muslim or Hindu. Because the accused were from both the communities. 

Later, it was found out the one who actually started the fight was a minor, 17-year-old kid.  This 17-year-old accused will be presented in the Juvenile Justice Board, Yerawada on Thursday afternoon.

Protests in Pimpri for Hitesh Mulchandani:

People of Pune are so upset with this incident. They protested for it. This isn’t it, so many users on Twitter about the same expressing their concern and anger.

hitesh mulchandani story Justice for Hitesh Mulchandani
Hitesh Mulchandani story:  Justice for Hitesh Mulchandani. Image Credits:

Though, some people were claiming that he was burned to death. But, in reality, he was stabbed at least 10 times.

How ridiculously all this happened? In the first place, they had no right to pee in front of their bar. If a worker of the bar tried to stop them, they should have listened to him. Instead of creating ruckus about nothing, if they would have listened to him, scenes might be different now. 

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Half of the population are upset and afraid at the same time

Hitesh Mulchandani story:  Justice for Hitesh Mulchandani.
Hitesh Mulchandani story:  Justice for Hitesh Mulchandani. Image Credits: Hindustan Times

Do you really think that Hitesh Mulchandani deserved it? He was just there to stop the fight and nothing else. Even though he was right. 

What do you all think about it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Hindustan Times, Times of India

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