Ever heard about Human Library? Here is the most interesting concept for book Lovers

Human Library in India

Most of you must have gone to a library to read books and clear your dilemma. What if you can borrow a human to narrate you a story and clear your doubts?  We often have books, e-books and audio books but have you ever heard of books that can interact with you? Yes, you read it correctly, books that can interact and communicate with you.  Such books (humans ) are available in human libraries. You can talk to a human who can share their stories.

Sounds interesting?

Borrow a human book sounds unique and unbelievable but yes this is the scoop. Readers now can become listeners. People who take keen interest in reading books has got eggs in their beer by the creation of ‘human books’. Readers can borrow people and get to know their stories verbally.

The library is a second home for book addicts who enjoy reading books and create their imagination of the story. People who love questioning and are confused in choosing a book now get the answers in the human library. The concept of the human library allows you to request for a human for a span of  20-30 minutes. The answers provided by ‘human books’ help to dispel misconceptions and provides better knowledge.

In November 2016 Indore hosted its first human library followed by Hyderabad and then Mumbai. Recently Delhi hosted its first human library at Connaught Place on 18th June 2017. During this event, people got to borrow real people in place of books for 30 minutes who shared their stories and personal experience. This event became an eye opener and fascinating. A huge bulk of people attended the event of the human library in Delhi. People were almost six times the capacity of the human library which could have maximum 500 people in it. (Despite   India-Pakistan in champion’s trophy finals) people preferred to attend the event of the human library in large number

human library of Indore is still going on successfully. The human library was designed to provide a strong frame to positive conversations that challenge stereotype through dialogues. The readers here can reach out to people who share their stories and their life lessons. The best part is that the participants can counter the narrator with their question which is free of cost. It helps to break the barriers of communication between people and build up new connections.


The main idea of a human library is to explore how we are more similar to each other. The human library gives way to a verbal connection between the reader and the author. It creates a mood and imagination much quicker in the mind of the readers and makes the narrative more indulging and interesting.

The motive of the human library is to aware people about the present not just by writing but with spoken dialogues.  It has been successful in providing a platform to learn from other people with enormous experience and brings people together.

The human library has been successful in rooting out depression from people which in this present day is a wonderful work. People find human library as a cure for depression and distressed life. Every individual must become a part of the human library as this platform has a lot of possibilities of bringing people together in this world where people have no time for others.

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