How Patriarchy Loves To Train Women: Hyderabad Institute Offers Dulhan Course

how to be a good wife? All the young ladies out there! Forget your dreams, and be ready to become the perfect “Dulhans” and the ideal “Mothers”.Well, after all, it’s your responsibility to keep your husband, children and “SAAS” happy! If you fail, then acquaint your ears to the statement, “Maa ne Kuch Nai Sikhaya?”

Hyderabad Institute Offers Dulhan Course
Hyderabad Institute Offers Dulhan Course

I Bet all that I said above sounds cringeworthy, at least in the so-called “women empowered “ 21st century. But, there’s no kidding! An institute in Hyderabad has been offering a Dulhan course. It caught the attention of the people across the nation recently, after the release of a publication poster.

how to be a good wife? Hyderabad Institute Offers Dulhan Course

All you need to know about Dulhan Course Hyderabad:

The course is being run by a Hyderabad based family institute offering lessons on sewing, cooking, budget management, Mehandi, beautification. Is it only the girl’s duty to bring out perfection in her marital life? To no one’s surprise,this odd course seems to be getting on the desi twitter’s nerves.

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Twitter reacts to Dulhan Course:

A Twitter user, sharing the specifications of the Dulhan course, remonstrated against the misogynist move.

Another bashing tweet said “why a Dulhan course? For heaven’s sake, you need more of a Dulha course.” A few other anti tweets include “Hyderabad upping its patriarchy game”. Another student from the Hyderabad Central University Hamna Nazir says, “I find this very weird.

Hyderabad Institute Offers Dulhan Course twitter reacts
Twitter reacts to Hyderabad Institute Offering Dulhan Course. Image Credits: Story Pick

There are too many other factors that go around when somebody says they are not comfortable in a marriage relationship. Some people like homemaking. For them providing a course is fine. But you cannot link both. If a couple is happy together then everything else falls in place. Skill is something a couple can learn together.”

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Is this really a step towards a happy married life?

In defense of the negative tweets, a counselor at the institute Ilyas Shamsi gave an explanation saying, “We want our young generation to revive the traditional family values. There has been an increase in divorce cases among the Muslim community mainly because brides lack household training skills. This inspired us to start the Dulhan course.”Arguing further, the institution said that this is an innovative and unique initiative which helps the students rediscover the value and impact of the family home.

Do we need a Dulha course as well?

Dulha Course for Men. Twitter reacts to Hyderabad Institute Offering Dulhan Course
Dulha Course for Men? Twitter reacts to Hyderabad Institute offering Dulhan Course

The most objectionable part is the title including the word DULHAN. It could have been simply named as “home management”. But the obnoxious title makes us think twice, whether the institution is really focusing on imparting skills or portraying a male Supremacist thinking.
Sadly, this isn’t a course one of its kind in the country. Last year, Barkatullah University in Bhopal launched a course to create a so-called “ideal housewife.” All these happenings compel us to ponder over the current situation of women in India.

Ilyas further adds “If I would have called it Home Management course then no one would pay attention. You would look at an ad that says the Dulhan course. It is a head-turner,” A head-turner indeed! It is very worrisome to witness how a section of society is undoing the efforts of creating a gender bias-free world. Instead, the female gender is being pushed back into the infinite abyss of patriarchy.

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