I am A hijra -An Open Confession by a Hijra .

An Open Confession by a Hijra.


Hello! My name is Resham and I am a ‘Hijra’ – a part of the LGBT community. I am a man with female organs and a woman with male counterparts. I possess both power and submission, and I am stronger than the two commonly existing genders. Women fighting for women should not be called feminists but ‘sexists’ because this is what they do, protect their own ‘sex slaves’, if men roamed around fighting for themselves they could have been called by names like ‘Masculinists’. This is a complete chauvinism. If any of the genders actually needs upliftment of their existence, it is us.

Everything is possible! Don’t believe us? Here is a story of aJ&K Militant turned Soldier(Martyred) has been awarded “Ashok Chakra”

 If any of you step forward to raise voice for us, you are an ‘Equalist’ who understands the need and importance of treating each caste, creed, sex, race, etc with equity and equality. I can explain to you how we deal with our lives while you are busy celebrating yours.


We feel emotional, social, mental, and even biological torture right from our first cry. Even our own parents cry their fate “why we born “. To cite an example, we don’t even have public toilets for us in existence. Either there are ladies or gents but no option for ‘others’. I mean are we invisible? Are we non-existent? Imaginary or what? Don’t we feel like peeing at any hour of the day like the other two famous genders? Even if we clear out the dilemma in our minds and enter one of the washrooms, we are strongly stared by the people relieving themselves as if we have committed a crime.

Please understand our body structure and our looks are part of science and we all are made up of beautiful sciences but differently. You might be an XX chromosome or an XY chromosome, but we are the special and the rarer ones and there shall not be any need to hide it from the world. It hurts when you make fun of us, or just escape from our site when you don’t allow us to sit next to you.

We are no slaves. It hurts that the people who made our constitution or the ones who wrote the laws failed to recognize us and our needs. I don’t know what that rainbow profile picture of yours on Facebook means or how that works for the LGBT community, I only know that you people don’t love us for just being “us”.

Only if you could turn into a Hijra someday, you would know my struggle. That day your joy shall turn into silent sobs!!

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Gaurav Tomar

Gaurav is Senior Developer in an IT Firm. He has been into blogging for over 5 years and embarks his presence in Social and Political genre.

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