Tiny Tales: If My Love Can Hear This.

If My Love Can Hear This.

BY: Akshay Saxena

If My Love Can Hear This. GODofsmallthing

I:” Hey why are you crying??

She: “You have nothing to do with that so leave “

I: I can’t leave you alone like this I am your friend “(The srk came out of me)

(With big eyes and surprised look)

SHE: They had a fight because of me!

I sat beside her and asked her to tell me the matter (although I was least interested in the matter but still) and she told me her heart out. She felt a little better and I realized it’s time for me to take over. I tried to make her smile over my silly jokes and filmy dialogues and I could see myself succeeding as she soon started to enjoy my company. The way she looked into my eyes whenever I made her laugh is something still alive within me).

SHE: I never knew I could spend such a good time with you. (Blushingly)

(Face turned RED! Maybe Pink! )

He: I can spend much time with you all my life!


WE did not go any further apart from we are just friends. but I still have a hope that one day we will be more than just friends .:)

Have you ever had some of your closest friend giving up on you? Then this tale is for you. The Rotten Friendship.

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