IIT Delhi researchers develop cheapest respiratory filter Nasofilter

IIT Delhi researchers develop cheapest respiratory filter!!

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With the pollution level rising up in Delhi and states in northern India. People are looking for ways to cope with increased pollution. One of the most suitable preventive measures everybody was looking forward to was wearing face masks. The face masks, however, can filter for 10 days at max and it becomes costlier as well. Do we have an option for facemasks that are cheap and convenient and doesn’t make us look like a ninja warrior?


A group of IIT Delhi researchers has come to rescue by developing cheapest respiratory filters. They termed these filters as Naso filter. The device is been developed by Nanoclean Global Pvt Ltd and incubated at FITT, IIT Delhi. The team was recently awarded “National Startups award ” by honorable president Pranab Mukherjee.

What is a Naso filter?


A Naso filter is a nano respiratory filter which is designed to protect against finest particulate pollutants in the air. The filter is capable of filtering out pollutants of PM 2.5 and other contaminants as well. The filter is worn in the nose and can be worn comfortably for a duration of 8 hours. The filters allow easy air movement and least resistance while breathing. These filters also don’t make you look ugly and are nearly invisible from a distance.


The filter is much developed like a thin flexible membrane. The membrane comprises of millions of small-sized pores which can capture very minute particles with much larger efficiency. These filters can be used for a comparatively longer period of time with comfort.

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How to use Naso Filter

These Nasal Filters are been used at the nasal orifice and there they get to stick to the nose. They would further prevent entry of any particulate matter including pollen grains, bacteria, and 2.5PM particulates.


Cost of a Naso Filter

The nanotech is developed at a cost of Rs 10. In a pack, there are ten nasal filters. Each Naso filter is effective for a duration of 8 hours and thus needs to be changed afterward. thus a pack of 10 nasal filters will cost you Rs 100 ( Fairly cheap right ? ).

Where to Buy Nasal Filters?

In order to buy these Naso filters, the online sales of this product are expected to start in December. However, if you live in Delhi NCR you can get these Nasofilters for free. Yes the company is giving free Nasofilters and you can get them by leaving a comment on their facebook

 here :


The team will then send you a contact form and then deliver to your address on their own in NCR. In the box, you will receive 7 Naso filters.

So its time that you apply for your Nasofilter as soon as possible. “Early bird catches the fly “. Stay safe.

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2 thoughts on “IIT Delhi researchers develop cheapest respiratory filter Nasofilter

  • January 28, 2018 at 10:18 am

    Thank you guys for developing something like this. It looks very promising. Haven’t seen this product with people around. Send me one as my wife is suffering from pollutant allergy.

  • February 5, 2018 at 6:07 pm

    When these filters are going to available in market??It’s already Feb of 2018 ??I love this product ??


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