Ikea has a solution to Delhi’s pollution and stubble burning and this will seriously work

Over the past few weeks, pollution is at an all-time high in Delhi and other states of North India. Reason being an excessive burning of rice stubble in states of Haryana and Punjab. Delhi pollution level today was recorded at 333 in the ‘very poor’ category on Tuesday. Scientists are planning to induce artificial rain over the national capital.

IKEA solution for pollution in Delhi Image Credits: The Indian Express 

In spite of various checks and measures, the state governments could not stop the practice of stubble burning. Which in turn, resulted in deteriorating the air quality to hazardous levels in Delhi- NCR.

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IKEA and its background?

IKEA solution for pollution in Delhi Image Credits: Business 

IKEA, the leading furniture brand from Sweden claims to have found a solution to the menace of pollution. The retailer has launched a ‘Better Air Initiative’, under which it will use the residue from rice farms as a raw material for their products.

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When will the production Start?

The company has claimed that the prototype products should be ready by the end of this year and the products will be available by 2019-2020. The products will first be launched in India before being sold worldwide.
Interestingly, the furniture retail will kick-start this venture in Delhi, which is infamously ranked among the most polluted cities of the world.

IKEA solution for pollution in Delhi Image Credits: Commonwealth Secretariat 

Industries, huge population density, very high number of vehicles plying on the roads along with the burning of stubble in neighboring states of Punjab and Haryana along with several other factors contribute to its deteriorating air quality to the extent that has now been classified as “very unhealthy”.

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IKEA plans to launch such initiatives in other parts of the country as well. The main idea is to introduce these products to the global market and achieve sustainable development.

IKEA solution for pollution in delhi
IKEA solution for pollution in Delhi

The company has said it wants to create a model for how to reduce air pollution, which could be replicated in other megacities. health effects of air pollution are severe and at IKEA we are determined to contribute to a solution. We know that burning of rice crop residue is a major pollution source and with this initiative, we hope that will change.

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If we can find a way to make use of rice straw it would become a valuable source for the farmers instead of being burnt, which in the end also would contribute to better air for people,” says Helene Davidson, Sustainability Manager South Asia at IKEA Purchasing.

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Reaping sizable profits is what businesses aim for, but with the changing face of entrepreneurship and growing emphasis on the ‘good work’, greening is how the world will be moving ahead in 2020.

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