Imran Khan warns India out of concern and said many more attack like Pulwama can happen!

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The day before yesterday, a historic event took place. Article 370-35A got scraped out making Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh a union territory. This day is going to be remembered by everyone. 

This decision of removing Article 370-35A from Jammu Kashmir was not liked by many people out there. There were some critics but supporters as well. 

Since Kashmir was on spot this time, how can we forget about the PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan! 

Imran Khan at his best job!

Imran Khan, PM of Pakistan made some comments which don’t sound good at all. According to him, Kashmir can expect more attacks like Pulwama again which could start a conventional war between two neighboring countries. 

He said, ” This can lead to so many attacks in Kashmir. And, I am sure they will pin the blame on us again. All this could lead to a war between both countries. And, I’m afraid this will lead to nothing but global war.

Imran Khan warns India
Imran Khan warns India


Imran further said:

he is not nuclear blackmailing but appealing to some common sense. 

While addressing the joint session, he also said, ” BJP wants to make India a non-muslim country and Muslim would be treated as second class citizens.”

Imran Khan warns India on article 370 Kashmir
Imran Khan warns India on article 370 Kashmir. Image Credits: Right log

He also mentioned, ” BJP acted like a racist. It was their plan of the election. This is not something which is taken out of the blue. They must have discussed it. “

He wants to take this issue at the international level. 

For this, he said, ” I will approach the world leaders for this issue. I will tell them what is happening in India, in Kashmir and what is happening to Muslim and minority communities. I will make them aware of the issue. “


Shehbaz Sharif, leader of the opposition party said, ” Either we will hide or fight for it. And, I think hiding is not an option. We will take decisions and fight for it. “

Imran Khan warns India out of concern and said many more attack like Pulwama can happenImran Khan warns India out of concern and said many more attack like Pulwama can happen
Imran Khan warns India and said many more attack like Pulwama can happen. Image Credits: Veterans Today

It seems like Pakistan is not loving the decision at all. But, we think this decision was taken in favor of Kashmir and its citizens. Now they can have access to everything. 

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Well, we think this decision is one of the best decisions they have taken till date.

What do you all think about it? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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