Guy Asked for help from Railways and What Railways Did Is New to most of Us

Guy Asked for help from Railways and What Railways Did Is New to most of Us

Indian Railways Helped an Old Man In Need and deserve appreciation.

Indian Railways Helping customer
Indian Railways Helping customer

Railway, Reliable, Relief these 3 R’s have a direct link with each other. We all have mostly seen the negligence of Indian Railway when it comes to providing services. However If Railway is condemned for its slow-paced management, it should also be glorified for its good doings.

One Such incident happened with Deepanshu Gupta. He was traveling from Mumbai to Delhi traveling on 28th June 2017 along with his aged uncle.  Deepanshu was willing to seek help as his uncle felt severe pain in his knees. He had to get down in next 10 min onto the next station at H. Nizamuddin Delhi but there was no escape from the pain.

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He was unable to move his leg even a step. When in situations like these, brain freeze is evident, however, Deepanshu immediately tweeted to the Ministry of Railway for a wheelchair at the station. The tweet was brought to attention by the railway officials in no time and a wheelchair was provided to him in no time.
Indian Railways Helped an Old Man In Need
Indian Railways Helping customer

Also, the staff helped him in taking his uncle to the car. Deepanshu Gupta mailed his story to Godofsmallthing telling his experience that how helpful, quick and hospitable the Indian Railway’s staff was. This quick and spontaneous help by the Railway added a star to its hospitality.

Indian Railway has always been a straw to a drowning man. Railway has acquired such fleetness that with one single tweet to the Ministry of Railway the help is provided to the needful passenger in quick time. Passengers have got a new groove to get help from the railway in times of difficulty. Passengers need to just tweet a genuine problem along with PNR number, train name and the phone number tagging Ministry of Railway and Railway Minister Mr Suresh Prabhu. Within a fraction of time help will be provided to the passengers in need.


This was not one case was Indian Railway proved to be an important help to its passengers. There are much more such incidents where the railway has increased its respect for its service and heartiness towards the passengers. Once the Ministry of Railway had provided help to an 18-month child who got sick on the train.

A doctor was immediately sent to the next station of the train to attend the child. Further warm milk was provided to the child by the staff. A lady once traveling alone to Maharashtra in a train was being harassed by a man. She immediately tweeted to Suresh Prabhu the Railway Minister for help. The needful was done for the lady, she was attended by a CRPF jawan on the next station and got herself rescued from that dreadful environment. Later on, she thanked the Minister for immediate help.

There are much more such incidents were railway made its passengers feel safe and comfortable. Along with Mr. Deepanshu people who got help from the railway in difficult times to know how helpful the Indian Railway is. The best part is that all the tweets posted by passengers for help are looked after by the Railway Minister.

So what do you think of this story and efforts of Indian Railways? Would you like to suggest possible areas of improvement to railways or will you be the part of the flock who is meant only to criticize?  Is it a part of a glorifying future for railways or it’s just a sometimes deed. Do share your opinions on the matter with us.

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