lets see if India Capable of Fighting with China And Pakistan Together ?

Is India Capable of Fighting with China And Pakistan Together

The present condition of Indian borders is critical. The borders shared with China and Pakistan is having a war like situations. The tension created by the snakes of the sleeves at the border has put Indian army on alert. There can be anytime declared war by these two countries which will result in great loss to all three countries.

China is that country who tries to be friends at the time of need and strangers when self-satisfied.

India Capable of Fighting with China And Pakistan Together
India Capable of Fighting with China And Pakistan Together


India always tries to have healthy and friendly relations with all countries but some always prove to be a snake in the sleeves and harm India which is increasing daily.


Let’s See What India Can Do in a war like Situation:


The first step will be to completely finish Pakistan by using its effective missile ‘Sukhoi’ to hit the dams of Pakistan which will separate Pakistan into two due to floods. ‘Brahmos ‘can destroy the Gwadar and Karachi military harbour of Pakistan. This will curtail the supply of reinforcement for the Pakistani allies. This will be the end of Pakistan as the left out troops can be easily countered by the Indian army.

After this, the war will be on one single front.
 ‘Sukhoi’ and ‘Brahmos’ can target Chinese Hainan naval base. This will decrease the range of long naval war. At this time the other nations having bitter relations with China can come together and provide help to India.
Friendly relations with  Russia, Japan, Israel, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the United States can be counted upon as well ( If needed).

Although China has more powerful army than India ( in Numbers only ! ), they still cannot afford to indulge in a war with India. Further, Sikkim scouts and Arunachal scouts are one of its kind forces of the Indian army which are always in great tactical positions and away from the eyes of everybody. They can easily confront an army of 100 men by just 10 Scouts! Further, War with India will make China carry the burden of massive economic loss.

india china war 1962 
Indo China Border Dispute : The goods of China are mostly exported through ships from the Indian Ocean. In war times India can block the passage of Chinese ships from exporting the goods which will leave an impact of the great loss.

In the year 1967, The Chinese troops were kicked off by the Indian soldiers when they tried to again infiltrate Sikkim. China needs to worry because fighting with India will cut off their bread and butter as India is the largest market for China(Iindia China war 1967 )

. A trade of 70.8 billion dollars is done yearly from China. People of India have patriotism deep in their heart and can die for their country curtailing Chinese products is just a small thing but a  big issue for China. India has 6500+ armoured fighting vehicles and China has only 4600+ vehicles. India has 1 aircraft carrier INS Vikrant having experience of 55 years. China has 1 which is under testing. This numeric’s doesn’t decide the fate of a war. India can defeat China without wasting its single bullet. India can stop the trade of China and make it go through Significant economic loss.)
 India’s friendly and healthy relation with Russia and US has created more worries for China and Pakistan. Pakistan stands nowhere in comparison to India. It can just roar but has no power to attack India. The defence budget of Pakistan is only 6.31 billion dollar where as India has a budget of 45.2 billion dollars.

War has profit for no country but China and Pakistan will lose their reputation. This will be a great win for India in political and military bases. So India has no fear of China and Pak as it is fully equipped with such armoury which will bring the enemies to their knees.

Indo China Border Dispute
Indo China Border Dispute


Source: Defence Update

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