iPhone 11 launch date, price, and specifications

In just a few hours from now Apple will launch the new iPhones active Steve Jobs auditorium in California. All of us are curious to know what knew has Apple got to offer this time, What the us do not know what is in store. Apple has successfully managed to see all the features brother apps and we can only speculate. The new launch has been secured to the level that there is no clarity even about the name of the series.

The market, however, predicts that there are going to be 3 variants this time. iPhone11 , iPhone11 Pro and iPhone 11R . Most of you must be already aware that Apple has reserved the “Pro” moniker for the Mac books only. Therefore, it will be very interesting to see if an iPhone gets a pro moniker this time.

As expected, the new iPhones will see a small incremental upgrade to the already available models, i.e. the iPhone 10S, 10sMax, and 10R. The market experts predict that while the launch of the iPhone is the largest single brand, tech event, there isn’t much to be excited about.  Here are some features that we might see in the newly launched iPhone 11:

iPhone 11 features:

iPhone 11 features: Triple Rear Camera

iPhone 11 features Triple Rear Camera. iPhone 11 launch date, price, and specifications
iPhone 11 features Triple Rear Camera. Image Credits: MSPowerUser

An aesthetic upgrade might be available in the form of a triple rear camera. A triple camera that is encased in a square frame might be added. There are many pictures of the same doing the rounds on the web. Going by the images available, the camera is protruding and give an additional BMP to the device. It will be interesting to see if the cameras turn out like this or are ironed out. This camera might be available in iPhone11 and iPhone11Pro.
As expected, there will be improvements in the picture quality, particularly for images and videos captured in low light. There are chances that a camera with a higher focal length might be introduced.

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iPhone 11 features: Battery

iPhone 11 features: Battery. iPhone 11 launch date, price, and specifications
iPhone 11 features: Battery. Image Credits: WccFtech

It is speculated that the iPhone’s battery could also be used to charge other Apple accessories using the reverse wireless charging mechanism. While this technology will be new to the iPhone, it is already available in Huawei mate Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S 10 series.

iPhone 11 features: New chipset

All the new iPhones that are going to be launched will run on Apple’s latest chipset, the a3 Bionic. It is expected to provide better air performance as well as faster face ID recognition.

 iPhone 11 features:  New chipset  . iPhone 11 launch date, price, and specifications
iPhone 11 features: New chipset. Image Credits: Phone Arena

Talking about the iPhone11R, it will be slightly different from the other two versions. This variant will feature a dual-camera setup at the rear and an LCD display at the front. The variant is also expected to come with a smaller battery and different touch experience just like the iPhone 10 series. But we would love to be surprised if that is not the case.

iPhone 11 price:

iPhone 11 price in India. iPhone 11 launch date, price, and specifications
iPhone 11 price in India.

The iPhone 11 Pro is expected to start at $999 (approx Rs 71,000) for the 128GB variant and might go up to $1,199 (approx Rs 86,000) for the 512GB variant. The iPhone 11 Pro Max will also come with 128GB storage for the base model that will cost $1,099 (approx Rs 79,000) and will go up to $1,299 (approx Rs 93,500) for the 512GB version. Indian prices of the models are yet to be known since the prices of Apple products in India are higher than the US.

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Apple never fails to surprise

During the last launch too, there were many features that were nowhere in the speculations or rumors but were received well by the users when unveiled. So, we can surely expect some out of the box features coming up.
Also, breaking the tradition of broadcasting the launch only on its website, Apple will be streaming the launch on YouTube as well.

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