Is life fair? If you think it is, this write-up will change Your Opinion for sure

Is Life Fair?
Is Life Fair?

This is a story of a girl named Riya, lived in my neighborhood (the author ), who passed away recently. The story of her life is something that will make you feel that life is not fair to all and if you think that life has been on a downhill you must realize that there are people who are in a worse situation than yours.

Is life fair? – The Story

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When she was 12 years old, her mother passed away in a road accident while she was coming back from her workplace in Noida. Riya was quite close to her mother, she couldn’t handle it. She became numb for a day or two, and she ate nothing, sat in the corner of the house holding the photo for her mother. After some days, coming back from school, she used to hold her mother’s photo and dictate every incident or talk about what happened in the school. She almost stopped eating and interacting with her fellow classmates and friends. Seeing her upset, her father thought of getting her another mum, without her contentment.

So, her father got engaged to another lady and soon they married.

Did Riya accept it? oh! no, it was like another shock to her, the only person she had was her father and now even he got married. She became all alone, she didn’t like the other lady, as she has always framed her mother-father to be an ideal couple. Now she was 15, mature enough to handle things. Neither the lady liked Riya, as she was always busy lambasting her, nor Riya ever liked the lady because she thought that the lady took her father away.

She even started disliking her father, after his second marriage. Time-passed and the distances grew. Riya became introvert and depressed. Now, she was 18, her father thought of getting Riya engaged, as she almost became a burden on him. And finally, she got married. Riya thought it can be a turning point for her life but what happened was even worse.

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Yes! The girl married a cruel man who always used to beat her up after getting drunk. She sat in the corner of her house, looking outside the window, gazing at the stars and talking to her mom, but she never told her mom about her sufferings and problems, she always used to say “I miss you mom, I am happy with my husband, he loves and cares for me a lot”.

She even shared what all she ate and did the whole day. It was the best time of her day.

Later, she got pregnant and gave birth to a Girl child, she said: “my mother has come back in the form of my baby and i’ll never let her go now”. But maybe God had some other plan, soon the baby suffered -skin cancer and died.

Now? shattered! broken!

Everybody, whom she loved, was taken away from her, she was left with the cruel husband and the house that haunted her daily as soon as her husband came home. She became an insomniac, completely depressed.

Riya lost all her faith in God and love now. She had no other option rather DYING.
On, 21st of December 2016, she committed suicide! Is that the end? No.
The ending is even worse, she had no one to cremate her dead body apart from her neighbors.

What do you infer from this?

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We are so busy criticizing that we actually forget the basics of how life should be lived. Life is not about just money but satisfaction and contentment. We all have some relief points, things that we do when in stress or in pain. We need to realize that life will not be fair every time and it will push you through hardest of times. But you need to remember just one thing “You are here on this planet Earth not to survive like any other creature you are here to live a life that is wonderful, beautiful and no one else can make your life beautiful but you YOURSELF !! “.

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So every bit of time that is left in our lives we need to make sure we enjoy every bit of it. You need to learn to run towards your goals, ambitions, fall down get up fall down again and get up again. That’s how life is my friends. You need to learn to smile in the toughest of times. And when you stay positive you attract positives like good friends good mate and maybe good fortune as well. This is for all those who needed a push to start living life positively again. Amen!

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