J&K News: Government all set to abrogate 35A ? Here’s all what’s going on in the valley


Government all set to abrogate 35A?

A considerable increase in the footfall of the armed forces, and clear unrest visible on the faces of prominent Kashmiri leaders indicate something. evacuation of tourists from Kashmir has further given rise to rumors. something considerably big is going to happen in the valley.

Government all set to abrogate article 35A
Government all set to abrogate Article 35A? Image Credits: Twitter

As you all know,

  • The government has asked all the tourists from the Amarnath yatra to return home.
  • Just some some-time back the popular Machail pilgrimage has also been stopped.
  • Further NIT Srinagar has also canceled the classes and asked the students to evacuate.
Government all set to abrogate 35A?
Government all set to abrogate 35A?
Government all set to abrogate 35A? Image Credits: Greater Kashmir

All these circumstances are forcing people to think about unconfirmed rumors about the abrogation of article 35 A. The much-debated article that grants some special status to the people of J&K. This has led to disturbance of peace in the valley.
Kashmiris, uncertain and clueless about the recent developments are preparing themselves for any emergency situations. Right now, the only priority seems to be silently preparing for a sudden disrupt in the valley, stocking up food and essential supplies, and preparing for crisis management.

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Politicians are in a state of unrest!
Government all set to abrogate 35A?
Government all set to abrogate 35A? Politicians are in a state of unrest! Image Credits: The Financial Express

The developments and cancellation of pilgrimage had already created unrest among the citizens. To add to that, leaders like Mehbooba Mufti have been constantly reminding the government and people about the repercussions of elimination of article 35A.
Amidst these developments, former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and leader of National Conference Omar Abdullah today demanded clarification from the Government of India in the Parliament.
Omar met Governor Satya Pal Malik but was not quite satisfied with his assurance. He said, “The governor’s word is not the final word on Jammu and Kashmir, it is the Government of India’s, which is why we are seeking a clear statement from them.
Omar said that while the governor has given assurance, but the recent developments cannot be ignored. He has also accused the central government of keeping the Kashmiris in dark.

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Government and Army clarification:


The government and army, both have clarified that it is all due to security measures of the civilians. On Friday, the army in a press conference displayed the sniper that was found along with IEDs. The spike in the military movement has been done to give some rest to the already deployed soldiers.

NIT, Srinagar cancels classes, asks nonlocals to evacuate:
NIT, Srinagar cancels classes, asks nonlocals to evacuate
NIT, Srinagar cancels classes, asks nonlocals to evacuate. Image Credits: Kashmir Reader

A day after J&K government released an advisory for tourists and Amarnath pilgrims to leave the Valley in the wake of “terror threats“. Students of National Institute of Technology, Srinagar were also seen being evacuated out of the Kashmir region. The classes have also been canceled till further orders.

The announcement to curtail the pilgrimage:

One of the prominent sources of tourism-related income for Kashmiris came simultaneously with an unexplained military surge in the state. On Saturday morning, hundreds of students from NIT Srinagar were seen waiting for the buses along with their luggage.

deputy commissioner of Srinagar, Shahid Iqbal Choudhary
deputy commissioner of Srinagar: Shahid Iqbal Choudhary. Image Credits: globalkashmir.net

However, deputy commissioner of Srinagar, Shahid Iqbal Choudhary has denied these reports. He informed that the administration has not imposed any curfew in the state. Also, no advisory has been released for the closure of schools in the state. He further added that the citizens should remain alert and not pay attention to the rumors being circulated.

His statement said “In wake of unstoppable rumors, heads of all institutions were advised in the day to remain careful. No advice/instructions for shutting down any institution. This NIT notice is apparently a miscommunication,” Choudhary said in a tweet on Friday.
The officials have confirmed that 26 buses from the J&K’s Road Transport Corporation have been pulled into service to ferry the students to Jammu.

can article 35A be removed in Jammu and kashmir
can article 35A be removed in Jammu and Kashmir? Image Credits: Greater Kashmir

Upon this, Chowdhary clarified that the transport facilities were provided on the request and insistence of the NIT administration. What is not being reported is that the NIT administration, have ‘regretted‘ the notice and have put on record that the vacations were already planned. These vacations were planned to start next week. The NIT iterated that the plan preceded the beginning of the prevailing situation, a newspaper reported.

Governor says all is well:
satya pal malik governor of jammu and kashmir
governor of Jammu and Kashmir: Satya pal malik

The Governor of the state continues to state that the government advisory on Friday was just a measure do ensure the safety of citizens as well as the pilgrims.

He said back extra security Are being employed do ensure dad the law and order conditions do not deteriorate.
Further, Governor added that the decision to curtail the pilgrimage was done keeping in mind the intelligence inputs of the terror threats with Amarnath pilgrims being the specific targets. He insisted that the panic in the state was unnecessary and uncalled for and it was just a pure security measure.

If all is well then why so much of additional Troops?


The additional Troops have been flown in by IAF’s Lockheed Martin C-130s, this morning. This comes just a few days after the MHA ordered the deployment of 100 additional companies of paramilitary forces in the Valley. Indian army has neutralized 4 militants in the past 48 hours in the valley. There are speculations that there are more terrorists who have already entered the state.
Speculations rife, Kashmiris prepare for unprecedented circumstances

Government all set to abrogate 35A
Government all set to abrogate 35A. Image Credits: Rediff.com

Meanwhile, Kashmir and the citizens continue to remain in an atmosphere of uncertainty and panic, after the Friday order.
Despite the governor’s repeated assurance, the atmosphere of disillusion refuses to die down. The state bodies have been repeatedly saying that there were no plans to eliminate Article 35A, that gives special status to J&K, the locals were seen preparing for any warlike or tensed situation.

What if the rumors of article 35A come out to be true?

If the rumors turn out to be true, such decisions that may lead to a conflict in the highly tensed region.
Apart from 35A, there is also speculation that PM Narendra Modi might ditch the traditional method and hoist the tricolor from Kashmir instead of the Red Fort in New Delhi on 15 August, Independence Day. This might also result in some security breach or escalate tension.

Ever since the news broke, people have lined up outside petrol pumps, ATMs and medical stores. With local’s apprehensions of a major conflict or riots resulting from any unexpected announcement by the central government, the residents have been stocking supplies of essential commodities like rice, flour, and other eatables.

can article 35A be removed from J&K?
can article 35a be removed from Jammu and Kashmir
can article 35A be removed from Jammu and Kashmir? Image Credits:Rediff.com 

While the road to removing the article doesn’t seem to be too easy. Here is some approach the government of India can take to remove article 35 A from Jammu and Kashmir.

  • If the govt want to remove or amend Article 35A in the constitution, then for this, it first needs to introduce a constitutional amendment bill in either house of parliament, which must be passed by both the houses separately by a special majority I.e by a 2/3 majority of all the then members present in the house and a majority of total strength of the house.
  • The other road which the govt can use to temporarily suspend the article 35 A is to first prorogue the current session of parliament and then our president can promulgate an ordinance regarding this on the advice of the cabinet. But this is only a temporary measure as this ordinance must be approved by the parliament within six weeks of its reassembly. If the parliament approves this ordinance then it will become an Act, and if it disapproves with it or doesn’t take any action on it then the ordinance ceases to operate after the expiry of six weeks from the reassembly of the parliament

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India ready to welcome J&K as an integral part of the country!

It will be interesting to see how the matter unfolds. While the rest of India is ready to welcome J&K with open hands, the issue has been a matter of politics more than people. What the commoners fail to understand is that a lot of people are really not concerned about the well being of citizens.

can article 35a be removed from J&K
can article 35A be removed from J&K? Image Credits: Scroll.in

Citizens are not humans but vote banks, that ensure that the elite keeps enjoying all the privileges without being questioned or audited. Their money-making interests will take a backseat if people come in contact with India.

Above all, We would still urge all the people in J&K to not believe anything without confirming its authenticity. Furthermore, they should consider that it is their army, they are there for the protection of civilians. Anybody, except the terrorists, should not be afraid.


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