Kabir Singh trailer inspires hilarious memes, targets Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh

Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani’s upcoming movie, Kabir Singh trailer has launched. This movie is a remake of the Telugu film, Arjun reddy. And, in this movie shahid kapoor is in a rebellious character. He is playing an addict with a serious anger issue. And trying to forget his love, Preeti played by the Kiara Advani.

Bollywood news Kabir Singh poster
Bollywood news Kabir Singh poster. Image Credits: The Statesman

In the movie, Kapoor is in two avatars — as a college rebel who falls head over heels in love with a fellow medical student and then as a surgeon failing miserably at coping with having lost her.

People took it to the twitter and made memes about it.

From his look to the dialogue of the movie, meme maker made a joke about everything. This character is so rebellious and Shahid had to smoke dozen of cigarettes in a day. Now, people are comparing his dedication to Ranveer’s and ranbirs.

“Nahi aaunga matlab nahi aunga, bola na nahi aaunga” this line has become so popular among people. And, they couldn’t stop themselves to make a joke about it. And they used this in the reference to Lok Sabha elections, the Indian education system, and even human psychology. Meme maker didn’t leave dialogues of the movie but at the same time, they didn’t leave the ongoing event. And, they connected each dialogue with these events.

Some of the best Kabir Singh Memes

Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes
Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes. Image Credits: Hindustan Times
Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes Twitter
Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes Twitter. Image Credits: Times of India
Bollywood news Kabir Singh meme
Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes. Image Credits: Desimartini.com
Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes facebook
Bollywood news Kabir Singh memes. Image Credits: Picbear
Kabir Singh memes
Kabir Singh memes. Image Credits: Facebook

At the launch of the trailer even, shahid kapoor said – “Kabir Singh is a movie which gives me a lesson that, if someone walks on the wrong, it will destroy the person. It’s upon the person. Only that person can control. If a person wants to walk on the destructive path, then he will get the results soon. Bollywood address this type of movie so that people can learn. And I’d love to watch these type of movie”

Haven’t Watched the movie trailer yet? Watch here:

Kabir Singh Movie Trailer:

Kabir Singh Release Date:

Kabir Singh movie will release on 21st June, this movie is directed by Sandeep reddy vanga, he also directed the Telugu version of the movie.

Well, it is the job of meme maker to make a meme about anything and entertain us.
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