Because there are two types of people: you and everybody else

Surviving LDR~ because there are two types of people: you and everybody else

                        – Saumya Saxena

 I was travelling in a metro when I overheard my fellow co-passenger talking over her phone, “OK sweetheart, you don’t mean what you say anymore, this distance sucks.” I am not going to sugarcoat it. Long distance relationships really suck. You will never meet someone who is like, “Oh my significant other lives in Australia, and it’s great”.

LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP Image Credits : Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships

I have seen both sides of long distance relationships– the good and the bad. The happiness of finally seeing someone you love after waiting for so long is an unexplainable feeling after a lot of pain!! Wait pain?? Yes, pain!! A pain of uncertainty. I am kind of embarrassed to admit that I’ve read tips and articles on how to get through LDRs.

Rubbish. It is totally okay not to Skype your other significant some days. But why?? It’s like when you force a communication, you are going to end up being frustrated and you will even get more frustrated when the other doesn’t even receive a call or picks up but you end up having nothing to talk about.
Image Credits: Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships

Focusing on the “you want to” part and not “you need toyou ought to/ you are required to” (these words have a deep meaning read them once more: P) part is what makes LDR long lasting. It requires a little thing called TRUST. For some of us, this term isn’t the easiest to wrap our heads around. But you should definitely try it. Having something to look forward to together be very crucial. Usually, it is the next time you will see each other,

Maybe a weekend holiday trip, any occasion…. You get the picture. You got to have a point in the horizon where both your paths are going to converge. Otherwise, you will inevitably drift apart. When we are apart for a long time or have limited exposure, we can start to make all sorts of assumptions that are usually not true or highly exaggerated.

Ask your partner about something you want to know even if you think you might look silly. It’s way better than spying on social Medias and deciding that they are probably dating four other people in four other cities. Also have some hope that one day you are going to be together, not virtually but physically. Long distances CAN work. You have to keep an open mind, though. And as I ended up with fantasising how LDRs could actually work, the metro door opened, I stepped out, thinking about how some day I finally meet a person living in Australia and I start my Skype journey to “And they lived happily together ever after”…

Image Credits  Center for the Study of Long Distance Relationships LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP




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