Lust, Greed, Social media addiction does not control your life; Know them and control them!

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Recently, I was asked, if the youth of India were becoming greedy as we speak! At the end of the question, I felt an instance impulse that ran a sudden gush of despair down my gut; made me look down and nod on the fact that somehow we all have accepted and are joyously sulking in the abomination. In this piece of reading let’s try and reason with the cause and effects of the epidemic that is ‘Greed’.

In many popular cultures, Greed is observed as basic instinct helping humans to cope up with environmental catastrophes and as a necessary means to survival. If we were to believe the theory, there lies a tad of greed even in the most selfless of deeds. A wise man once said:

He who wants everything every time will lose everything any time

Social Slavery

Greed, Lust, Addiction, Control, Social Media Slavery
Greed Picture Credits: videtteonline

Got to post every five seconds, to win the attention of unknown people; never seen a part of their face other than the filter savvy profile pictures, pretty much defines social slavery. We all have been there and sadly many of us are ignorant enough to masquerade the addiction as a time-pass activity. Life has become a virtual showcase of candid pictures, boomerang clips, and stories; moments are lost, happiness and warmth wrapped around the memories have faded, what remains is the greed for likes and comments. Over exaggerative behavior on social media, induces self-loathing and greed in weaker minds. Lazy people, uninspired men have adopted only the questionable traits of foreign culture and somehow justified their greed for lust; the moral compass has lost its calibrating values.

By Product, the Crimes!

Greed, Lust, Money, Social Media Slavery, Addiction
social slavery. Picture Credits: wallhere

We would be fortunate if greed would only induce negative emotions and not result in hideous crimes. Tolerance of greedy actions could only be forgiven as far as there is no suffrage to others. Sometimes the output channels to express greed are inexcusable, killing or mutilating in the name of love, kidnapping for money greed, etc have become daylight nightmares for innocent victims. Crimes against women and children constitute a larger portion of total committed crimes, just because the so-called superior gender is unable to control the gush of sexual lust and greed!

Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer Literates. Are you one of them? Check this out to find out

how humans can control their human greed?

Control the urge!

Social Media Slavery, Addiction, Control, Lust Greed
social slavery. Picture Credits:

With all that is bad in the world, good also co-exists and as far as human greed is concerned; control is the best defense mechanism one could develop. However, don’t you think human greed is a by-product of human emotions, upbringing, and circumstances; these elements fuel the intensity of greed under different instances. Limiting self-doubt rather than deleting social media would truly free us from social slavery, reducing expectations, cultivating family bonding would get us out of imaginary dream-world, do not give up and be slaves of greed rather be the master of moderation.

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