Namo once Again! Here is why BJP was able to win in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 |God of Small Thing

Namo once Again! Here is why BJP was able to win in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019 |God of Small Thing

Namo once again! or we should say Phir ek bar Modi Sarkaar! The results of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 are out and once again NDA has retained the power. Unlike 2004, exit polls have matched with the actual results and here we are with a strong and decisive mandate for Narendra Modi led BJP government. Unlike 2004, this time it was more obvious that BJP will get majority seats in the major states. This is because there are more Modi lovers than BJP lovers in the country. Isn’t it? People didn’t think about the candidates from their constituencies, they voted for Narendra Modi”. This, led to an unprecedented landslide victory for the BJP.

Let us have a look at the major reasons behind BJP win in the Lok Sabha Elections-

1. Narendra Modi-One man army:

Narendra Modi-One man army
Narendra Modi-One man army

Ask anyone, “Who have you voted for?” and they won’t take any party’s name, the answer will be “Modi”. From the individual state results, it is clear that most people have voted for Modi and not for BJP party as a whole. This is what we call “Modi Lehar”. There is no denying in the fact that Modi is popular and the reason behind his popularity among the people of every age group is “Bhaio and Behno…….” You know what we mean? His spellbound oratory skills. Whenever Modi is on screen, you cannot change the channel because of the diplomatic things he say which can allure anyone. He understands his audience well and hence he knows, he has to say “How’s the Josh” while addressing a Bollywood meet and “Hum Naam waale ni Kaam wale hai” when attending a parliament session or a ralley. Another reason behind his popularity is that he is a man who believes in “India First” and no matter what may come, “Ye Desh ni Jhukna Chahie.”

2. Chanakya Niti adopted by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah-

On a cool evening of November 8, 2016, Narendra Modi shook the world with his announcement of demonitizing the 500 and 1000 rupees notes. It came as a shock to everyone and at first shook the economy of the country but as soon as the years passed by, demonetization resulted in increasing the GDP of the country to its highest. Modi called it his Chanakya Niti! Chanakya said that after every 10 years, the currency of the country should be changed for the betterment of the economy of the country. GST and demonetization have together built a stronger economy of the country, no matter what anybody says about India. Narendra Modi along with BJP President Amit Shah has taken some decisions which trembled the economy at first but proved to be their master stroke later.

3. The fear of Rahul Gandhi’s leadership-

We bet a lot of voters have voted for BJP in the Lok Sabha elections just because they don’t cite Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Minister of the country till date. Most people still see him as “Pappu”. Statements like “Aloo daalege Sona niklega” strengthen the popular belief. Sometimes, it seems like his agenda to be in power is to find flaws in the Narendra Modi led government instead of working for the nation as a whole. He has led his campaigns with an agenda of criticizing the Rafale deal. If we compare his oratory skills with Modi, then the latter gets a clear win. Hence, people can’t foresee him as the Prime Minister.

4. The recent developments in the kitty of Modi Sarkaar-

People have the tendency to remember the latest developments while voting and clearly BJP had its advantage in it. Everyone knows about the Pulwama attack done by Pakistan’s Jaish-e-Mohammad and then our air strikes causing casualities in Pakistan. One of the major reasons which led to the win is the series of Surgical strikes under the leadership of Modi. Also if we recall, then jeweler Nirav Modi, the man behind PNB scam, was arrested from the United Kingdom under the leadership of Modi. 10% quota for the lower general caste is also among the recent developments alluring the voters. How about a lowering tax oriented Interim budget presented by the BJP? There are a lot of developments in the recent times which have allured the voters to press the button of BJP on the EVM. On the other hand, Congress has failed to impress the public with its efforts.

5. Strong PR and media influence-

We haven’t seen a term of a government backed so much by media other than the 2014-2019 BJP Sarkaar. The media has always given clean chit to the members of the BJP party. The achievements of Modi Sarkar were amplified by the support of media agencies and channels. Modi always appeared as a larger than life political leader and all thanks to the media. Narendra Modi definitely has a strong PR team which has always kept him away from the scandalous issues throughout his previous term.

6. Desh ka Vikaas-

Apart from all the above reasons mentioned above, this is the one reason we should look for! The BJP government has always kept the nation first. The foreign policy of the country has improved tremendously and nobody can deny it. The holistic approach towards the progress of the country has made Modi take some major risk inolving decisions. People have become conscious about keeping the nation clean because of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Make in India and Skill India have given boost to the youth of the nation and have promoted the startup system in India. Modi has an eye for progress of India and the developments in his term cannot be ignored.

So, Phir ek bar Modi ki Sarkaar! And we are happy much! How about you?

Anjali Kochhar

Anjali has worked with The Economic Times and FICCI and is into content development for 3 years. She is experienced in various genres of writing including lifestyle, political, social, and entertainment.

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