Meet Babar Qadri : A Guy that needs attention and Punishment in most Severe Way

Meet Babar Qadri who claims himself as ” the Kashmir Walla “. Babar Qadri, an advocate by profession is a person who needs limelight and for a better cause. He has been reportedly posting hate content against India.  This guy in his Facebook profile claims to live in Kashmir held by India.

Babar Qadri : A Guy that needs attention and Punishment in most Severe Way

Early Life and Career

Babar Qadri is a lawyer by profession. He studied law at the Kashmir university and started his political career as a student leader. He is one of the people who laid the foundation of student’s union in the university. Qadri completed his course and started practicing law in 2008 at the Srinagar court. In 2012, he along with some more young lawyers founded another forum for lawyers. This forum is called Lawyers Club Kashmir.

The forum claims to provide legal assistance the pro resistant Kashmiri people in the state. In simple words, these are the people who are against government of India. And this man proudly flaunts his hatred towards our nation. He has been supporting many a terrorists and traitors every now and then. He claims to have supported more than 5000 such people in some way or the other.

Babar Qadri has also appeared for many stone pelters and anti national elements in the court.

Love for Pakistan

Babar has visited Pakistan and has good relations with many top ranked officials and politicians there. In fact, he also gave an interview to a Pak daily and openly supported Burhan Wani, a militant who was knocked down by the Indian Army. The CJI of Pakistan has even awarded him a shield of honor to recognize and appreciate his Anti Indian efforts.

Babar further went on to show his love for Pakistan. During his interview he openly stated that though the dependency on Pak has reduced, Love for Pak remains intact.

He has been a part of a lot of debate shows on national television and had a debate round even with Arnab Goswami. He became even famous (infamous rather) when he shouted Anti India slogans(Hindustan Murdabad) during Arnab’s debate show. The anchor immediately asked Babar Qadri to get out and leave the show immediately. Watch the video here :

Hatred on Facebook

Recently , he had posted about the abrogation of Article 370 . He openly criticized the leaders of Hurriyat ( a separatist group) for not opposing the steps and measures taken by the government. Here is a screen grab :

He even criticized PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti for being greedy and joining hands with BJP to form government. It is due to her foolish decision that BJP went on to abrogate Article 370. It is noteworthy that while all Indians including the citizens of J&K are celebrating the decision , these people are busy in spreading hatred and doing blame games. Here is what he wrote :

Previous Incidents of Anti National Speech

In a post on his Facebook timeline, he wrote, ” He lost a friend named Aquib Gull who had joined militant ranks just some ten days back “. This statement signifies that this guy “Babar Qadri is in touch with people who are joining militant groups “. ( Don’t you think this should have been reported to police on national grounds? ) .

Babar Qadri : A Guy that needs attention and Punishment in most Severe Way

He didn’t bother that he is clearly mentioning the point on a social platform with no hesitation or fear of being caught that he already knew this particular militant who has been killed by Indian army in an operation.  He did not stop here, he presented himself as sympathetic to militants and asked the people who recruit militants not to send new militants in front of the Indian army as they are not trained enough.

In his Facebook profile, He has 4999 friends along with 2478 followers ( he has a big following !!). This itself justifies that this guy has been active in interacting with people of Kashmir and misguiding them to wrong directions.

Babar Qadri : A Guy that needs attention and Punishment in most Severe Way
Screenshot of Babar’s Timeline .

He is a clear example of a polluted and anti-national mindset and has been posting and influencing people towards a Kashmir inclined towards Pakistan.  Have a look at this screengrab from his Facebook profile.

He writes that Pakistan must have supported the militants that were killed by the armed forces.

The question we are trying to highlight is why is this man still not behind the bars despite speaking publically in favor of Pakistan and militants . ? Further, why people like him are been asked to join debate shows on news channels. Why these kind of people are still sitting safe and sound in Kashmir.


We have been receiving some hard-hitting opinions onto Babar Qadri

” This guy has no right to be a part of a nation like India. How come a person sitting in India says that he knew the militant who was killed and he should not have been killed. It’s a matter of disgrace and people like them should be hanged or put into jails ( far away from Kashmir ) without even trials. People like them are creating a disrupt in Kashmir.  In Jaiso ko haq nai hai hamare desh mai rehne ka inhe bahar feko pakistan mai l ! . “

Spread the name so that the administration can take appropriate actions against this guy. It’s high time that people him are caught and confronted by Jammu and Kashmir Police and Indian Government. It’s time we expose such people and help our government and save fellow Indians from their traps.

Gaurav Tomar

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