I am Someone To Fear, Not to Be Hunted Down: Indian army




I am Someone To Fear, Not to Be Hunted Down: Indian army
Militants attack Indian army base in Kashmir


On a particular morning, I was asked to report with my regiment to a new area. We Reached the place late at night and were tired.

Carrying guns and grenades they stormed our base in Uri, close to the Line of Control with Pakistan. Gunfire and explosions were heard for several hours. But I could hear only until the time I was alive.

Many tents and temporary shelters caught fire as I could see.

My fellow soldiers were killed by fire and I was too while the others were still trying to combat with the so-called “Jihadi’s “.

But the point I want to mention is I am not worried about my death. All I am and was worried was to prevent my motherland from them. I am a soldier and born to die but in a battlefield and not on a bed. Does anybody hear me?

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I want to die on a battlefield where we prefer taking a bullet on our chest and die rather than showing our back to the enemy and run. We are the martial’s .even now; I have a very breath remaining of my life as I could feel some memories coming into my eyes. even now, I wish I could get up and pick my gun and kill all those who are trying to harm my fellow soldiers and my nation but I am dead by the body and alive by thoughts but my thoughts can instill a fire in your heart and can save many lives.

Militants attack Indian army base in Kashmir

Being a soldier it is the worst kind of deaths a soldier can ever ask for. I wish I could kill them, I wish I could save my motherland, I wish I could help my soldiers to be brave and battle them out. I am a soldier born to die but not the way I died today. Not the way I died today. Will anybody stand for us and ask the government or anybody else in this entire world to stand for us. I am going to sleep now. But I hope you will not

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