These brave hearts are surely the motivation you need

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motivational stories of successful persons

You might not know much about these people, but their journey and achievements might just be the perfect motivation for you to start your New Year with hopes and aspirations. All through the year we achieved some targets and missed some others, how, ever we all need to learn from failures.

Inspirational Stories of Women in India: Lakshmikutty Amma-

Lakshmi Amma is a 75-year-old woman from Kerala, who was honored with Padma Shri this year. Before this, she was not known and heard outside Kerala. She lives in remote areas of Kerala which has no proper connectivity to the towns. Amma was awarded for active contribution in traditional methods for poison healing. Amma who is educated till class 3 has been serving people for over 50 years. In spite of losing 2 of her 3 sons sue to snake bite poisoning, she continued to serve the people.

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Due to technical advancements, we are losing connect with our traditional methods. But people like Lakshmi Amma are not only restoring and preserving our traditional methods but are serving the society as well. She is surely the icon we can look up to before giving up due to personal hardships.

motivational stories of successful persons: Ritu Jaiswal-

Ritu Jaiswal is the wife of an IAS officer from Delhi, who left her life of comfort and luxury to improve the condition of villages in India. It is a well-known fact that while our cities and metros are rapidly developing, the state of villages remains unchanged. Ritu decided to change the lives of people of Sitamarhi. This happens to be her in law’s place and upon visiting, Ritu decided to work for the betterment of people without expecting anything in return. She enrolled her kids in a boarding school and went on to work amongst the people of Singhwahini panchayat in Sonbarsa block, Sitamarhi. Later she contested the elections and became the Sarpanch.

After becoming the sarpanch, she did not wait for the funds by the government and invested her own money. The villagers who were initially hostile and resilient started supporting her due to her dedication and leadership qualities. Today the natives compare their village to Ram Rajya. She changed the lives of so many people at the cost of compromising her personal comforts and responsibilities as a mother.

motivational stories of successful persons
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motivational stories of successful persons: Kavita Thakur –

The biggest mistake we do in life is not believing enough in our dreams. Kavita Thakur, a kabaddi star from Himachal is a befitting example. Kavita comes from a very humble background, where she had to work at her parent’s dhaba to support them. She did all the tasks like washing utensils and serving food, but did not let go of her dream to shine. “My childhood and teenage years were very difficult. In winter, we slept in the back of our shop on the floor. It was unbearable since the floor felt like ice.

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Back then we didn’t have money to buy mattresses. There were days when we didn’t make any money and we all went hungry,” she says. Kavita picked up kabaddi in school as it was not a costly game to pursue. With her hard work and determination, she was selected in the National kabaddi squad and was offered a job with SAIL (Steel Authority of India). This super girl made her mark when she helped India secure a Gold medal in the 2014 Asian games. Since then there has been no looking back for the young lad. A perfect answer to those who say “Ladki hai, kar hi kya sakti hai”.

motivational stories of successful persons
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motivational stories of successful persons: MC Mary Kom –

Mary Kom has been an inspiration for all of us from a long period of time. Her fan following increased even more when she clinched the Olympic medal in the 2012 London Olympics. Magnificent Mary punched her way to glory by being the only women to win the boxing championship 6 times. In fact, this year when she had to appear for weighing before the boxing championship, she was 2 kg overweight. Mary shed the extra kilos in 4hours by skipping a rope and qualified for the championship and went on to win it by knocking her opponent 0-5. At the age of 35, when most players retire Mary is aiming at the 2020 Olympics.

motivational stories of successful persons
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Inspirational Stories of Women in India: Geeta Tandon-

Once a child bride who was married off at 15 and was tortured brutally, Geeta carved her way to respectable life on her own.  “I was a servant, a sex machine and a punching bag present to fulfill his needs. I got pregnant at 16 and was briefly happy thinking it would stop the beatings. But it only got worse,” said Geeta in an interview with Huffington Post. However, at 20 Geeta decided to run away and she did all kind of jobs except Sex jobs to support herself. She became a stuntwoman. Today she has been working as a stuntwoman for around 10 years. The job comes with its own shares of hazards and injuries. But Geeta braves all the odds against her and continues working as a double for many leading stars.

motivational stories of successful persons
Inspirational Stories of Women in India

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