Not Just War Here is what all India might do to avenge Pulwama attack

14th Feb turned out to be a black day for India when a militant rammed into CRPF convoy. 40 soldiers lost their lives in this gruesome attack. Almost all the major countries of the world including Pakistan condemned the attack. But all countrymen along with the family of the deceased are in pain and anguish and are demanding a befitting reply to Pak.

Pakistan, on the other hand, has denied any involvement in the attack. But no one can deny the fact that Jaish has its roots in Pakistan. P.M Modi too has said that Pakistan has done a grave mistake and every drop of blood will be avenged. Here is all that India has done and some steps that might be taken in the near future:

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: The Trade

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: The Trade. Image Credits:

India has already withdrawn the tag of Most Favored Nation for Trade. This essentially means negligible or no business with Pak. What is noticeable is the fact that India will lose greater revenue with a trade ban than Pak. India’s export to Pak is higher than what we import. But no business is higher than the nation. So no favor to Pak now.

India is connecting with all the major countries in the world to keep a tab on the sanctions being given to Pak. We all know that their economy is in shambles. Restricting money would be an indirect pressure on the government to control terrorism.

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: A Cross Border attack

Indian Army has already been given a free hand to retaliate. We are very sure that the army will take some military actions in the near future. Possibilities of operations in PoK are highly probable. The Jaish e Mohammed camps in PoK might be targeted and neutralized.

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: Isolation of terror state Pakistan

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: Isolation of terror state Pakistan

The CCS also gave its nod to a strategy to isolate Pakistan diplomatically. The meeting discussed the possibility of withdrawing India’s high commissioner in Islamabad, Ajay Bisaria. The EA ministry will ask Indian diplomats to connect with other countries and the UN to build global consensus against Pakistan’s support to terror, said government sources. The diplomatic offensive would mean that, if required, envoys may travel to key countries to present information about Pakistan’s role in fostering terror in Kashmir and elsewhere in India.

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: Isolation of terror state Pakistan. Image Credits: Times of India

Foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale has opened conversations with the Delhi-based ambassadors of key countries, conveying to them that this was a highly provocative attack by Jaish, which enjoys the support of Pakistan Army.
NSA Ajit Doval on his part is understood to have spoken to the US NSA on nature of the attack. Indian government might be exploring options for operations for self-defense. The US also sought to expand counter-terror cooperation with India.

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: Surgical Strike

India’s options to avenge Pulwama attack: Surgical Strike. Image Credits: India Today

Aerial strikes or a Brahmos missile attack against precise targets is an option, increasing pressure along the LoC is a possible step to convey the intent of retaliation. Sources say that there already has been a sustained, high stakes cross-border duel along the LoC in the Rajouri-Poonch sector.

Vulnerable points such as Bhimber Gali could be made more secure to check infiltration. Haji Pir pass is being considered as the most strategic targets along the Loc. This pass connects the towns of Poonch and Uri. The heavily guarded bulge was captured by Indian forces in the 1965 war but was returned as part of the post-war pact and still haunts the armed forces.

Don’t know the exact story yet? Here is how it happened 

how the attack was made possible?

Above all, we have been reading from sources as people are questioning about how the attack was made possible? We all know that there were inputs from the IB regarding such an attack. The Home Ministry had the input and still could not stop the attack from happening. How did a truck with so much amount of explosives be able to make its way in between the convoy? The answer is LOCAL SUPPORT. The attack would have not been possible. There are people like Babar Qadri who have a mindset that deserves punishment.

Pulwama attack Cause: Local Support. Image Credits: UCANews

 The explosives could not have been collected in a day or two. The explosives could not have been stored by 1 person in the entire region. There was definitely local support not one but many people who helped them. The question is we will take revenge from Pakistan for such an attack for sure. Are we demanding action against those traitors sitting in those areas, eating and utilizing resources of India and supporting such acts?

Our armed forces are capable of fighting with the enemy across the border undoubtedly but we will never be able to remove terrorism if people from India yes India and not Kashmir support terrorism across the border.

The Question by a Men will make you think over again and again !! Who will Stand For Us?-INDIAN Army

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