Pakistani actors shares video supporting Kashmir and is the worst thing any Indian would want to see

 Pakistani actors share video supporting Kashmir and are the worst thing any Indian would want to see.


Yesterday a Pakistani actor named Hamza Ali Abbasi uploaded a video of Pakistani actors with #isupportkashmir to support people of Kashmir. We are most likely to be on one side of the coin as there cannot be any secular feeling with a nation who is known for sending terrorist to our country.

time and again, people have stood up for the Kashmir cause and there is no point criticising these actors will be the reaction of so-called “Pak sympathiser out here in India and would term this Video as absolutely correct “. Firstly, here is the video

The actors in the video:

Naveen Waqar, Fahad Mustafa, Humayun Saeed, Umair Jaswal, Shehzad Roy, Momina Mustehsan, and Sarwat Gillani.

After having a look at them,

The only question we have and that we can ask from them is ” why are they so much concerned about Kashmir particularly and not for Syria or any other state. Why are they not worried about Baluchistan or Sindh or Pok?


Hamza Ali Abbasi. Image courtsey: Dawn

another question that comes to my mind is why are they even talking about us? The answer is right for freedom!

let’s take you a few weeks back, all Indians were fighting each other over Pakistani actors and whether they should be allowed to work or not? And the whole of India was divided on this issue. And, what do you have to say now?

One thing is for sure, they are more Patriotic when it comes to supporting their nation ( of being on the wrong side they stood by their nation and ideology). And we Indians are so huge hearted that we allow some of them to be a part of our Industry.

One thing is very clear that these Pakistani actors made us realise that standing tall with the nation should always be the first priority for people belonging to any kind of work profession and Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of them. Even after being banned by Facebook for supporting Kashmiris, he has once again boldly taken a step to stand by his nation.

Will anybody reply to these actors in the manner they deserve to be? Or the diplomats will stay quiet for a while and then ask them to come here and work with Indians. We demand a reply to these actors and an answer if you still support these actors?

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