We Just Missed!! This documentary about menstruation co-produced by Indian Won Oscar 2019

Period. End of Sentence, a short documentary about menstruation, has won Oscars 2019 for the best documentary(short). Directed by Rayka Zehtabchi, and co-produced by an Indian, Guneet Monga, the film has won millions of hearts and now the award of the greatest honor.

Period. End of Sentence. Image Credits: mynation.com

Excited while receiving the Academy Award, Rayka Zehtabchi, said, “I am not crying because I am on my period or anything, I am crying because I can’t believe a film on menstruation has won an Oscar.”

The film covers one of the most deep-rooted loopholes of the Indian society, i.e. periods from the perspective of the people of Hapur village in India.

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Hapur Village, situated 120km from Delhi, was veiled until Monday, but as soon as the movie bagged an Oscar, many people arrived in the village to celebrate the victory.
Period. End of Sentence. co-produced by Indian: Guneet Monga Image Credits: The Indian Express

The documentary simultaneously showed a sanitary pad making unit present in the village live since 2017 and the awkward reactions of the people of the village when asked about periods or menstruation. While some women of the village actively participate in the production of the sanitary napkins, others shy away from talking about it. The movie has unequivocally shown the irony which exists in the Hapur village about periods.

Watch PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE Accepts the Oscar for Documentary (Short Subject)

I dropped out of school after Class IX due to lack of funds. I always wanted to complete my education and become a singer. However, I could not contribute to the family’s income. Then the unit was started. At first, I told my family that I used to make diapers for kids; I told them the truth much later. They eventually allowed me to continue working, although they protested at first. I get Rs 2,500 a month now and I am saving the money to complete my education and fulfill my dream of becoming a singer,” told 18-year-old Ruksana from Hapur Village.

Arunachalam Murugunantham, the Padman of India. Image Credits: OhFact!

Period. End of Sentence also features Arunachalam Murugunantham, the Padman of India.

“The strongest creatures on the earth are not elephants, not tigers, not lions, but WOMEN,” said Murugunantham in the movie.

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But ambiguities still exists! and this Man proved it!

While the movie was getting all the deserving appreciation from the world, a male member of the Academy admitted that the film is great but voting for it is not his move as it is about periods which disgusts men.

“[I’m not going to vote for] Period. End of Sentence — it’s well done, but it’s about women getting their period, and I don’t think any man is voting for this film because it’s just icky for men,” said the anonymous male member of the Academy in a letter.

This is the kind of stigma which still exists in the world. On one hand, we feel proud of the movie bagging this award, and on the other hand, we are ashamed of such people.

Meet Guneet Monga, co-producer of the movie

Guneet Monga, co-producer of the movie
Guneet Monga, co-producer of the movie. Image Credits: Lifestyle Asia

Guneet Monga, the women behind some epic Bollywood movies like The LunchBox, Gangs of Wasseypur, and Masaan, is a disruptor in her own words. She is the founder of Sikhya Entertainment, an international Indian film, and distribution based outside Mumbai.

After the win, she tweeted, “WE WON!!! To every girl on this earth… know that you are a goddess… if heavens are listening… look MA we put @sikhya on the map ❤️”

A proud moment for all of us! A movie shot in India, based on menstruation, co-produced by an Indian, has bagged the Academy Awards. Kudos! We are on the verge of breaking the stigmas and giving wings to the women.

Watch the Documentary on Netflix: Period. End of Sentence.


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