PM Modi Declared World’s Most Powerful Person Of 2019 By British Magazine

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the reader’s poll for the world’s most powerful person 2019. A leading British magazine conducts this poll. This is yet another testimonial to his image of a global leader. Prime Minister Modi has been declared as the winner of a reader’s poll for world’s most powerful person 2019 conducted by a leading British magazine.

PM Modi beat Russian President Vladimir Putin, Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump to emerge as the ‘World’s Most Powerful Person 2019’ in the reader’s poll conducted by UK-based British Herald magazine.

Narendra Modi Elected Most Powerful Man In The World. Image Credits: British Herald

PM Modi won with 30.9% of the vote.

He was placed well ahead of his closest contenders. These included Russia’s Vlamidir Putin, Donald Trump (US), and China’s Xi Jinping with 29.9%, 21.9%, and 18.1% votes respectively. PM Modi will be featured on the cover page of the July 15 edition of the magazine. The magazine, earlier featured New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern in the May-June issue and Putin in its March-April issue.

Narendra Modi Elected Most Powerful Man In The World. Image Credits: India Today

The Selection Process :

More than 25 world leaders were nominated in the reader’s poll and four candidates were finally selected for the final round by an expert panel.  The evaluation of the selection process was based on extensive study and research on all those nominated for the poll. Unlike regular voting system, the British Herald readers had to vote through a mandatory one-time password (OTP) process to validate their vote.

Surprisingly, while the voting was on, the website of the British magazine crashed as many voters attempted to vote for their preferred leaders. The website got as many as 3 million hits during the poll. Interestingly, during the first week of June on the voting page of British Herald crossed 2.5 Million hits.

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PM Modi, who is fondly referred to as NaMo, is regarded as one of the top influential world leaders. He has raised his profile as a world leader in recent years through his successful official foreign visits and meetings with US President Donald Trump, China’s Xi Jinping, and Vladimir Putin.

Narendra Modi Elected Most Powerful Man In The World. Image Credits: India Today

Reason for Popularity:

Narendra Modi has emerged as a key figure in the Asian region. He has earned global accolades for his government’s ”Act East Policy”. His efforts to tackle climate change received praise across the globe. As global warming affects millions of our country’s citizens. Besides, schemes like Ayushman Bharat, Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojna and Swacch Bharat scheme of building toilets all around the country had earned him remarkable support. His popularity became apparent with the BJP’s unprecedented return to power in this year’s Lok Sabha elections, where it bettered its 2014 performance. On its own, the BJP managed to win 303 seats.  PM Modi is the first non-Congress PM to return to power.


Narendra Modi Elected Most Powerful Man In The World. Image Credits: MoneyControl

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Criticism and Hiccups:

PM Modi came under scrutiny recently when his critics pointed about the high unemployment rate. Sky-rocketing Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) of the banking industry also raised questions. His decision to get rid of Rs 500 and 1,000 notes through demonetization, impacted cash-based businesses and threatened India’s economy.  In other words, he took a great risk to refresh the national economy for the future to come. Followed by goods and services tax (GST), the Indian business community and the industry at-large felt the turbulence with the implementation initially.

Narendra Modi Elected Most Powerful Man In The World. Image Credits: CNN

However, the people of India accepted his style of governance and politics and again voted him as PM again . This victory has firmly established his world dominance and leadership ability. He was indeed a very deserving candidate for the most powerful leader in 2019.

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