PUBG Earnings Revealed: You’ll Be Surprised After Knowing The Earnings Of PUBG

PUBG Earnings Revealed: You’ll Be Surprised After Knowing The Earnings Of PUBG

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds(PUBG) is riding high on success and is surely a rage amongst gamers these days. The game is played by millions of gamers globally, becoming an instant cultural phenomenon. A lot of young gals and guys are busy playing PUBG most of the time. This supers engaging game is surely raking the moolah for its creators.

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While PUBG is already earning a great amount of money from the in-app purchases, they are using their revenue by the sale of user’s voice data. And just when you think that your data is being stolen.  We want to assure you that it’s only the chats amongst the users that are being recorded and later used as keywords to be sold to advertisers.

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Though “PUBG” has no real game scenario, the story of it’s transformation from an obscure game to a money-making machine is impressive. PUBG Mobile’s premium Royale Pass has proved to be a revenue-generating success in the last month. Ever since it was launched, the game’s overall revenue has tripled. Sensor Tower estimates indicate that PUBG Mobile’s total earnings are up to $30 million, $22 million of which were generated after Royale Pass was launched. Average amount spent per day has also seen significant growth, at about $650,000.

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pubg earning per day

That’s nearly triple what players spent prior to June 19 (about $220,000 per day), when the Royale Pass launched. Ever since the launch of the Royal Pass, there hasn’t been a single day when PUBG mobile has made less than $450,000 per day, which is quite a high when compared to $ 343,000, it’s earnings prior to the Royale Pass. At its highest point on June 21, the game generated $1.1 million in a single day.

fortnite earnings vs pubg :

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However, like every other app, PUBG also has its own set of competitors. The Fortnight still leads the market share as well as daily revenue due to its popularity globally.  While our dear PUBG is yet to increase it’s fan following outside the Asian gamers. Forbes reported that Fortnite brought in $126 million in February, $223 million in March and $296 million in April. The company has so much cash that it’s forming a $100 million prize fund for upcoming Fortnite competitions.

The details are exciting for Fortnight as far for now but it seems like the craze of PUBG might give a handy competition to FORTNITE. What do you think?

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