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The craze of PUBG is not new. It has taken over everyone’s mind.  Undoubtedly, the game is so engaging and astonishing, how could one resist themselves from playing this game. There is good news for all the PUBG players out there. PUBG is all ready to get a new update, 0.13.0. This new update is bringing new mode, new themes, new maps, custom skins and more detailed setting options. The new PUBG update has the download size of 1.98 GB for android systems and 2.4 GB for iOS. The update is live on the play store.

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Features Of The PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update!

PUBG Mobile Update: 4v4 battle mode:

PUBG Mobile Update  4v4 battle mode
PUBG Mobile Update 4v4 battle mode. Image Credits: Pubg

The new 4v4 battle mode is known as Deathmatch mode. This mode allows two squads in a battlefield to fight. This new Deathmatch mode is bringing a new battlefield for the players, where a player can’t die. They will be respawned within 10 seconds, allowing the whole squad to earn 40 points in order to win the battle.

Also, the third-party cheat prevention system has been improved with this update. Along with this feature, they have added FPP and TPP separate control settings for the increased on-screen customization. Players can also create their own rooms with room cards.

PUBG Mobile The Godzilla theme:

PUBG Mobile The Godzilla theme. Release Date, What's New, and More
PUBG Mobile The Godzilla theme. Image Credits: BGR India

In addition, this update brings a new Godzilla theme in collaboration with the Godzilla movie and some other themes also.  Users will be able to use the Godzilla: King of the monsters theme in the lobby. Not only new themes have been introduced but, new zombie’s skin in the Survive till dawn and darkest night modes has also been introduced, making them replace the older ones. In addition to this, a new factory has replaced the police station.

PUBG Mobile Update: MVP showcase system

PUBG Mobile Update: MVP showcase system
PUBG Mobile Update: MVP showcase system. Image Credits: Mr.NerD TecH TalKs

They have also added the MVP showcase system at the end of the match, which ends up giving every player default MVP pose. The top 3 players in classic mode or MVP of the Deathmatch mode will be featured.  A new popularity ranking system is also added, which offers exclusive gifts to the top 100 players. Making the game more exciting and challenging, now a player can leave the footprints to trap the other player and later engage the player in combat.

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PUBG Mobile Update: Inventory

PUBG Mobile Update Inventory.PUBG Mobile Update: Release Date, What's New, and More
PUBG Mobile Update Inventory. Image Credits: YouTube

Some inventory improvements have also been made, like, duplicated new items will not be indicated by a red dot, the backpack and the helmet tab have been moved to the customization tab and, equipped items will no longer be shown on the right side, it will be displayed on the top.

The game has also added latency indicator to the main screen. Three different colors represent different statuses of the connection. Green represents a good connection, yellow represents an average and red represents a bad connection.

PUBG Mobile Update: Arcade mode opening time has also been changed –

PUBG Mobile Update: Arcade mode opening time has also been changed –
PUBG Mobile Update: Arcade mode opening time. Image Credits: Android Authority

Mondays and Wednesdays: Sniper Training & War, Tuesdays, and Thursdays: Mini-Zone & Quick Match and Fridays to Sundays: All Arcade modes are available.

All the protective items including helmet and jacket have become 25% more durable now. Also, players can collect all the rewards from daily missions, progress missions and achievements in one go.

Victory Legion name:

And, new achievements have also added like, if a player complete 1/5/10/20 matches with MVP in Team Deathmatch, then he/she will get a victory legion name, Alpha and omega will be given to that player who gets first and the final kill in a team Deathmatch, T-800 to those who achieve terminator 1 time in team Deathmatch or, Envoy of war to whom who complete a series missions in Team Deathmatch.

Their last update gave a privilege to other players to spectate the game of their friends. Well, looking at the updates made by the Tencent, it looks like they are not going to stop. This new update offers a number of changes altogether. This new Deathmatch mode is going to be the lit one. Not a single day has been passed since the new update has launched. The Tencent has already started their preparation to introduce this summer carnival for PUBG users.

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We think PUBG is soon turning into a social media platform with its own massive fan base and users. We hope that PUBG will ensure a healthy and safe environment.

If you are one of the users and haven’t updated your PUBG then, don’t wait for more. This exclusive update is really amazing.  Go and update your PUBG right away and enjoy all the updates.

Are you loving the new update made by the Tencent? Do comment down below.

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