Controversy Queen:Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistani flag. Is this acceptable to you?

Rakhi Sawant loves to be the talk of the town. She always does something controversial. Well, this time this controversial queen has done something weird.
Now, Rakhi was photographed with Pakistani flag. She has posted a photo of herself almost hugging the lag of Pakistan on Instagram. She also put a caption which says – “I love my India, but it’s my character in the film dhara 360”. And, her followers are not liking any bit of it. She created havoc by posting this picture on Instagram. Her action made social media angry.

Rakhi sawant Controversy Queen
Rakhi Sawant Controversy Queen Pakistan

In this picture, she is wearing a leather skirt with a thigh-high slit with a halter neck and low-cut blouse. And, she is posing with a Pakistani national flag beside a water stream.
Last year, she was all over the media for her fake drama of getting married to Deepak Kalal.

What Rakhi Sawant take on this?

Well, she is shooting for a movie in Kashmir, section 370. This is the part of that movie. She made a video to clarify and said “I am playing a role of a Pakistani girl in my next movie, Pakistan people also have a heart. They all are not bad. I respect them. Not everyone is bad, they also help us. Some people who make bombs, turn children into terrorist and are the reason to destroy one’s country respect, not everybody does that”.

Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistani flag
Controversy Queen Rakhi Sawant poses with Pakistani flag. Image Credits: Orlando Indian Community

In this movie, she is playing the role of a Pakistani girl who exposes terrorist organizations that turn little children into jihadis.
People are so furious with this act of her. And they are commenting negative things about her. Like – “this woman has gone mad, does she have any idea what is she doing, time to unfollow you, I am unfollowing you, you are suitable for Pakistani citizenship and so many more. People are calling her Ms. Rakhi Pakistani Sawant

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Rakhi Sawant and Deepak Kalal: One Step Away to Get Married!


Apart from this, she has been in a very weird controversy last year
She was about to get married to Deepak Kalal. You must be known with this news. They were everywhere Instagram, YouTube and news. They made some creepy statement’s. And their interview was also taken and it went viral on social media. Well, they both posted their wedding cards also. But in the end of the year, they both canceled the marriage and rakhi took it to her Instagram profile and announced it there.

Rakhi Sawant landed Mika in trouble?

Rakhi Sawant  and mika singh
Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh

Back in 2006, she made headlines when she filed a complaint against Mika, claiming he kissed her without her permission. That incident was giving her Major publicity. Mika and meet brother’s made a song about it also. Well, you don’t know what she can do!

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Rakhi Sawant earlier had a fever of Narendra Modi


rakhi sawant and narendra modi
Rakhi Sawant and Narendra Modi Dress

Once she decided to show all her Love towards our PM Narendra Modi. She wore a dress in which the PM Modi picture was on it. She loves being in the news. Well. The entire nation went mad and couldn’t resist themselves to repost and comment on that.


Well, she knows how to be in everyone’s mind. Every act of her creates havoc.
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