Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer Literates. Are you one of them? Check this out to find out

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Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer Literates

Even before the question ends, we move our fingers in our pocket, grab the digital (term) in order to reach Google and prove our wisdom. Is this the knowledge we strive hard to develop? Is this the knowledge we seek and cherish? No! It is indeed a borrowed knowledge, which stays with us as long as the screen time of our smartphones.

Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer . LiteratesImage Credits: Small Business

Actually, thinking about it, the term ‘Smart Phone’ is justified, they are smart enough to fool us into believing that all the knowledge displayed is a result of our maneuvers to reach the knowledge and it is more than enough for the instance. If such instances are occurring every now and then in our life, it is not a good picture to paint and essentially means that we do something about it!
Not that Google or any other online source is bad or there should be complete annihilation in order to restore balance. However, it has its negative impacts too when not used in moderation and with responsibility!

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No one likes dependency, one cannot explore the outside world when there is a dependency. We merely become the frog in our own well. Technology has undoubtedly sparkled information retention and reproduction and has spoken to a lot of people by doing so, however, have made certain people slaves of technology.

Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer Literates. Image Credits: Darpan Magazine

Online publications, platforms, search engines results etc are influential as well as easily editable sources of information. For example Wikipedia, online information providing portal is editable by any individual bearing login credentials which will not take more than 30 seconds to form, again thanks to technological advances.

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Hence, the information available online is not 100% accurate or validated. Next time you quote references from Wikipedia please re-check and double check and not only Wikipedia, but many other online sources also are open to interpretation at times and are not exactly the kind of information one could rely on.

Direct or Indirect Impact

Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer Literates
Real Illiterates: Self-Proclaimed Computer Literates. Image Credits:

Dependency is one major issue out of which several direct and indirect factors which branch out have negative consequences. We become less confident because for every question whether rational or emotional we tend to take virtual solace. It is very essential to maintain human interaction as we are making robots and not becoming robots ourselves. Too much use of online sources hampers confidence and ability to stand out without the guidance of a Smartphone screen.

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Before technology

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Believe me, there was a time when there were no online sources! Even then people used to get and pass information. Books were our best friends, in fact, there was a time in the 1600s that people actually became addicted to books, and authorities had to plant distractions. No kidding, therefore too much of anything is harmful in its own way. Father of our nation always believed that Literature is very responsive and hence one should choose it wisely.

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