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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Online Casino Industry

You would be forgiven for equating artificial intelligence to a futuristic dystopia, after all, it has been a favourite topic in the realm of science fiction for a long time. However, the reality of artificial intelligence couldn’t be further from how it is often portrayed in Hollywood and the literary world. AI plays a key role in many industries today. The online casino industry uses artificial intelligence technology in order to enhance and streamline the services they offer for the benefit of both the casino itself but also the customer.

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Entertainment Industry

There is a multitude of games available to play on online casinos. One of the most realistic gaming options available is live games, which aim to replicate the interactive nature of land-based casinos. Online casinos endeavor to provide an entertaining and realistic experience for their users, utilizing AI to enhance their live casino games. Live casino games bridge the gap between online and land casinos. Combining the use of AI whilst using live dealers enables them to deliver a seamless experience for the user.

Implementation of the Concept

The implementation of AI within games is no new concept. Online casinos use AI to allow users to play ‘against’ the computer, allowing for a collaborative experience between both the customer and the casino. AI is also used as a tool by the online casino industry to help get to know their customer better. For example, it can be used to learn a player’s favourite games and thus recommend further options which would appeal to that specific player.

Such artificial intelligence can help maximize profits for the casino, encouraging the customer to remain on their specific website or app. The benefit of this, however, is not one-sided – if a customer is recommended further games that they would enjoy they are likely to spend more time engaging with that particular casino and finding yet more games to partake in. 

The ChatBots

Perhaps one of the most effective ways in which online casinos implement the use of AI is through chatbots. The Independent has reported how beneficial chatbots can be within the world of customer service – both for the customer and the business. By introducing chatbots into their customer care journey, online casinos are able to reduce wait times.

With most chat bots enhanced with AI which can deal with simple and common issues, many customer queries are able to be addressed instantaneously without the need to connect to a human employee. This is beneficial to the customer as it eliminates long wait times. Whilst there has been some discourse about whether artificial intelligence presents a threat to the jobs of humans. The introduction of chat bots can benefit employees by reducing their workload by addressing frequently occurring queries. 


Whilst artificial intelligence is often thought of as a futuristic technology, it is prevalent currently in many industries. The online casino industry has successfully introduced artificial intelligence in ways that are beneficial to both the casino itself and its customer. Artificial intelligence is used not only to enhance gameplay but also to learn about the customer. It can also help resolve any queries and issues that a customer may come across.

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