Rules and Strategies to Play Keno Online

Keno has grown into one of the most loved online casino games. One of the reasons for this rising popularity is that the game has simple rules. It is a lottery-style casino game that can be traced to 19th-century China. Although the game offers poor player odds, it has remained a trendy online casino game for a long time.

Technological innovations paved the way for keno to enter the online gambling space. As a result, players can easily access the game from their preferred online casinos. Click here to discover platforms offering online keno. However, before you start playing the game online, it would help to learn some tips and tricks.

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Game Rules

You play the game by picking a set of numbers between 1 and 80. After that, 20 numbers are drawn randomly. Suppose the numbers you picked match the numbers drawn; you win. Additionally, the amount of numbers you picked and those you got right determine your payout.

PLay Keno Online

It is almost impossible to match all the 20 numbers. Therefore, Keno jackpots are awarded to players with a 9 or 10 number ticket in which they hit all the numbers.

Keno Bets You Can Place

So, what Keno bets can you make?

Straight Tickets

This is a bet where the player wagers with a specified amount of numbers selected. You must hit all or some of the numbers you selected, depending on how many you have selected to win. This ticket allows players to select one collection of numbers.  

Keno Rules and Strategies

Way Tickets

A way ticket allows players to have different selections of numbers. Therefore, players can choose different number amounts and groupings. For example, you can have two groups of 4 numbers and another group of all the 8 numbers. The game does not limit the number of selections players can make. Way tickets offer 190 ways to win.

King Number Tickets

A king number wager has one number known as the king number that is added to all your number groupings. The king number also acts as a single spot by itself. For example, if you have a ticket with two three-spot wagers and you select a king number, you will have three separate groupings.

Your two three-spot bets and the king number make it four-spot bets, including a one-spot bet comprising the king number.

Essential Tips

Consider Special Feature Tickets

Most online casinos offer promotions on their keno games featuring specific bet types and draw times. The offers come in the form of higher payouts or discounted bets. Take advantage of these offers to improve your experience.

How to Play Keno Online

Go For Games with Bonus Features

Suppose you are playing video keno; it would help to go for a game that offers extra bonus features. However, some of these games have lower payouts. Some notable extra features to look out for are wild numbers; free bonus spins, among other extra features.

Look Around For the Best Payouts

Keno payouts vary significantly. For example, the same game can have different payouts for the same number of groupings. In this sense, looking at payouts before you play keno for real money is wise.

Progressive Keno Is an Excellent Choice

Keno is popular because it offers players a chance to win massive jackpots. Progressive jackpots offer higher-paying options than regular jackpots.

Bottom Line

Keno is not a game that you can win by employing an in-game strategy. The numbers are drawn randomly, each having an equal chance of being selected during each round. Nonetheless, it is an excellent game to enjoy. Ready to play some keno?

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