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Car-Free Cities: “A city is what it is because of its citizens what they are.” The citizens are the voice of a particular city and when it comes to raising a specific issue about the city, nobody lives in oblivion. Metropolitan cities have a very vocal crowd who literally believes in the democratic nature of the country. Today, we are going to talk about the pros and cons of private cars in large cities.

Should Private Cars be forbidden in Large Cities Car free cities
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We live in a modern era where cars have become essential for daily activities. It is one of the greatest human inventions which have made the lives easier in a plethora of ways. Commuting from your home to your workplace has now become a piece of cake in the cities. All you need to have a mobile phone using which you can book your Ola or Uber.

How private cars are having an impact on the environment:

Let’s have a look at how the use of private cars in large cities is bugging us. How many of you feel terrible if you leave a little late for your office? Why? The traffic on roads makes you pay a late fee at the office. Isn’t it? Apart from adding to air pollution and sound pollution, aren’t we adding to our expenses?

How private cars are having an impact on the environment
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Another question we would like to put up here is how many of you feel that the number of auto-rickshaws is now getting reduced and replaced by the private cabs? People love to travel in the cabs which are fully air-conditioned and are unknowingly or knowingly contributing to air pollution.

In Winter’s, Delhi experiences smog instead of fog. The worsening air quality in Delhi has led to the statements like, “Let us hope the air pollution situation in Delhi doesn’t deteriorate or else we will have to stop plying of private vehicles. Only public transport will be used.” are coming from the environmentalists.

Should Private Cars be forbidden in Large Cities
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Cars should only be forbidden in Larger cities?

Why only Delhi? The Indian cities like Faridabad, Gurgaon, Varanasi, Patna, Agra, and many others are topping the list of the most polluted cities in the world. One of the main reasons for increasing air pollution in Delhi is the traffic that blocks the roads which come from the increase in the number of private cars.

Should Private Cars be forbidden in Large Cities
car free cities: Should Private Cars be forbidden in Large Cities? Image Credits:  Times of India

Wait and give it a thought! No matter wherever you are sitting in today, if you track the pollution level of the city, wouldn’t it shake your future goals a little? Well, if you are in the large cities, then it would shake you terrifically. We aren’t saying that instantly the use of private cars should be forbidden in the large cities but the point is that something should be done.

A few months ago, the New York Government reduced the number of license approval for the private cab drivers which automatically led to a reduction in the number of private cars on road. Such steps can be taken in the cities of India as well. The Motor Vehicle Bill, 2016, is still pending in the Rajya Sabha. It is high time when the government should take some steps to control air pollution in India.

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Public Transport in India an alternative?

Should Private Cars be forbidden in Large Cities public transportation in India
car free cities: public transportation in India. Image Credits: Intelligent Transport

The public transportation in India is improving but still, there are many ways in which it could be made even safer for the women of the country. Buses, Metros, autorickshaws, and other public modes of transportation are flexible and save time. We understand that private cars are essential at some point in life but their usage should be abridged to fight the increasing city pollution.

Some people would favor the use of private cars questioning that Ola and Uber have shared cab facilities as well. According to the studies conducted in the United States, share cabs add more to the traffic and hence more to air pollution.

Should Private Cars be forbidden in Large Cities Car free cities

Again, we aren’t against the use of private cars, but we love fresh air as we want to live healthier and more. GodofSmallThing today urges the government of India to have a look at the pending projects and take some action to control the city pollution. Otherwise, soon the demographically, we would start growing older and unhealthier. Are you with us?

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