Six Tips for Better Safety in Online Gaming

Five ways to keep your computer sec...
Five ways to keep your computer secure while gaming

There was a time when playing games online required some real troubleshooting and hard work. Today, getting involved in the online gaming space can be as simple as clicking a button. This can be a great thing, but the simplicity of getting involved can make us overlook some potential hazards . For this reason, we thought it would be prudent to cover six tips we’ve found useful for staying safe when we game.

Be Careful About Where You Log In

Gaming cafes and public wi-fi can be a godsend, but these systems aren’t inherently safe. If you want to connect from either of these options, remember to install two-factor authentication before you play. This way, even if someone or something snoops on your password, they’ll not be able to get inside your account. We’d recommend using the Google app if you can. Or whatever other system is suggested by the game system you use. 

Mobile Systems Need Cleaning Too

Mobile systems tend to be safer than their desktop counterparts, but they’re not flawless. For this reason, anyone who plays games on their mobile should utilize regular scans as detailed above. Consider online casino games like those at for example. Here, titles like Starburst and Live Roulette are equipped with strong security measures. But these apply on the server-side rather than the player end. If anything infects your devices from your side, it could cause even low-requirement casino games to stutter. So it’s best to keep your phone or tablet clean.

Run Regular Malware Scans

The biggest threat to online play is also the most obvious – malware. Computers are a lot safer than they used to be, but they’ve also got a lot more bad actors trying to make their mark. The tricky aspect here is that not all malware is obvious, and some can lie dormant for long periods before making a move. To combat this problem, we’d recommend running a regularly scheduled free malware scanner like Malwarebytes to keep your devices safe. It can also be a good idea to install additional safety apps like the one we reviewed at to cover for physical loss or theft.

Not All Mods Are Created Equal

Modding a game can keep you engaged for far longer than you might otherwise be, but mods are a potential cause for concern. Since these are fan-created and unofficial, there can be instances where dangerous files come alongside regular installs. For this reason, we’d suggest only using trusted websites and mods that have player reviews.

Don’t Let Curiosity Get the Best of You

This one is simple to understand if challenging to follow. Simply put, if you find a random USB drive in public, don’t plug it in, even if it has a game name written on it. Seems obvious, but surveys have found that half of the people would do just that. If you find one either try to locate the owner, give it to a local lost and found, or leave it alone.

Stay Diligent

When we get tired we tend to fall back on relying on habit, which describes as autopilot. The problem with this is that our autopilots are often faulty, as anyone who has accidentally poured boiling water into the sugar container will tell you.

The above tips might be hard to remember at first, or tempting to ignore, but they’re always good practice no matter how tired you are. Stick with it long enough and your autopilot will be updated with better safety protocols to make these suggestions second nature. It might be a little annoying, to begin with, but long-term you’ll thank yourself for it.

Garima Tomar

Senior Software Development Analyst at an IT firm

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