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Durga Gawde assault: We often hear women getting sexually harassed and molested. And, this has literally become so common and people still do that after knowing the consequences. This is so sad. The same incident happened just 2 days back.

A woman name, Durga Gawde was being molested at the road in saligao, Goa. She is a sculptor, activist, drag king and educator. The incident happened two days back.

Durga Gawde assault incident:

She was on her way to the petrol pump. And, a man (name Brian Franco) talking on the phone almost crashed into her bike. He was riding a scooter. When the girl told him to get off, he abused her and used some bad words. Practically saying, “who is she to tell him what to do? “. Then, she drove off.

But that guy stalked her and cornered her bike. Then he threw her bike keys and started hitting her bike and abusing her. When she protested, then he snatched her phone and threw away. And, said, “what will you do now?“. She couldn’t resist herself and gave him a tight slap. He also started hitting her so badly. Some people came in between to stop both of them but failed. They both indulged in a fight.

A person made a video of the whole incident. And, asked her to file a complaint. She went to the saligao police station and showed them the video. To the utter surprise, Brian Franco also reached the police station and complaint about the same claiming she hit him and ripped off his clothes. But the girl didn’t afraid of fighting back.

Durga Gawde assault video:

Durga Gawde assault incident and her Instagram post:

Durga Gawde Instagram:

Durga Gawde took to her Instagram to report the entire incident of what happened:

Durga Gawde assault incident instagram post
Instagram post: Durga Gawde assault incident Instagram post

Durga Gawde assault incident: The Worst part:

But do you know what happened?  The girl didn’t get the chance to hire a lawyer, she was being represented by a public prosecutor. But, the guy was represented by a lawyer. The complaint didn’t even show up in court. Only police and a public prosecutor said things on behalf of the court.

Seriously?  This is what we expect from the government or police?  Why don’t they take these things seriously? Is this a joke?  Ain’t a woman, human being? These things still happen in our country, in the whole world.

She has been facing sexual harassment since she was a child. Not only her, but many people also face this. And, have been facing since so long. Some manage to raise and some don’t.

She didn’t even get to hire a lawyer, didn’t get the chance to fight against him legally. But, the guy was represented by the lawyer. Ain’t we being biased here?  What was her mistake?  

We feel sorry when these things happen. Instead of feeling sorry, start teaching your closed ones. She was brave enough to raise her voice.  Some girls aren’t, they practically killed themselves from inside and outside. Do you really think that this is right?

What Durga Gawde did afterward?

She shared the video on her Instagram account and posted a written note about the same incident. She also uploaded it on YouTube. Some other Instagram users also uploaded about the same.

Durga Gawde assault case brian franco
Durga Gawde assault case brian franco. Image Credits: iDiva

That guy has to go to jail. He needs to lock up. #lockupbrianfranco

Start using this hashtag and make this hashtag so viral that the world gets to know what it feels like to get molested and still being seen by everyone as if we are the one who did it. Neither she is a victim or a survivor. But, she is a fighter.

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Fight for your rights, fight for yourself. Don’t let anyone harm you just because of their pathetic mentality.

What do you think about this?  Don’t you think the government should make some strict laws? Whatever happened is unfair. Help her in any way if you can.

Stand up for Yourself women
Stand up for Yourself women. Image Credits: Twitter

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