Stupefied Reality

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 Stupefied Reality.

A Darker and Harsh Reality of Beggars in India

people of our kind always feel sorry for the less fortunate ones, we are perpetually ready to give or help the unfortunate people – helping seems a *A GOOD JOB DONE*!

Women with children begging for money. Image Credits
It was the 6th of February, I had my interview at Noida sector 16, I was  waiting for my friend- when I witnessed “Near a metro station sits a lady of uncertain age in shabby clothes, she was sitting on a dirty piece of rag and next to her lies a bag .” in the hand of that lady, asleep a 5-6  months old baby girl. The lady too wanted to take a nap, she is about to sleep but just then her daughter started crying, may be she was hungry and wanted some milk.

I was standing there, watching the innocent little girl playing with her mother, her mother then
started to feed the little girl not just milk but drugs too.

Beggars in India
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SHOCKED? yes, as a shock, it suddenly hit me.

The lady carried some kind of a tube with her, she poured something on a dirty piece of cloth and started taking it. while she was taking the drugs, her daughter was taking the feed. In her unconscious state she did not even realize the fact that her daughter was not able to take the feed properly due to which she started crying and what happened next was beyond my imagination- the lady started beating the little girl, she slapped her hard thrice, which made me numb for a minute or two.

I could not control my anger and cry out in rage- “Why are you beating her, if you can not handle your child then why do you give them birth?” And her answer was more distressing to me- she said: “to make them beg for me, to make them earn for my livelihood”. (UGLY REALITY)

I picked her daughter up in my arms and her smile just took my heart away, I asked the lady if I can give her daughter to some NGO. She denied the fact that no one would give her money if she does not carry the little one with her.
she snatched the little girl from me and made her licked the same piece of cloth.
I asked her about that tube she had, she lowered her eyes and hid her face in the collar of her shabby jacket.  she ignored me.

I picked up the tube and was DUMBFOUNDED – What? heroin?

Beggars in India
A street beggar carries her child as she begs at a bus station area in Jammu, India, Friday, April 4, 2008. (AP Photo/Channi Anand)

who is on heroin? a little girl? so that she does not sob or scream? YES, replied the lady.
After that, the lady and little girl slept. Ignoring me, standing.
I had no option than to leave in disappointment.

The reality is, In order to make the baby sleep the whole day these beggars inflate them with drugs. Of course, children’s body is not able to cope with such a shock and they often die.
sometimes, mothers carry these dead children in their hands and beg so that the passersby will throw some money in the bag and believe that they are helping an alone mother. But that may not be the truth always.

EVERYTHING YOU THINK YOU KNOW ABOUT BEGGARS IS WRONG, sometimes we are far away from the reality, the ugly reality, the reality that will astonish you someday.

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