The Future is Here:The future cars will run on Hydrogen with no sound and no smoke

Hydrogen fuel cell cars are the future?

Honda is working on something cool and going to launch a car which runs on a hydrogen fuel cell.  Honda has been working on a fuel cell powered vehicle for a decade now. A hydrogen fuel cell has so many benefits. Well, they are going to lessen 50% of your problem. And, we are so thankful to Honda for that. Work is still on. And, it is going to take a few years to complete with the fuel cells. Well, when we talk about the benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell, it’s not so many. But, the problems which they are covering are so heavy. So, let’s talk about the benefits-

Hydrogen fuel cell car
Hydrogen fuel cell car

Advantages of hydrogen fuel cell cars


  1. MOST ABUNDANT ELEMENT– It is an unlimited resource. We don’t have to worry about it. This also reduces economic dependence on oil-producing countries. Saving one’s economy. And, hydrogen-powered cars do not need oil or gas. What else is better than this.
  2. LESS POLLUTION – Hydrogen on burning does not release carbon dioxide. Therefore, no contribution to the greenhouse effect. That’s the need of today’s generation.
  3. NO NOISE– Well, a video is getting viral. You must have seen the car in that video. There was literally, not even a single sound coming out of the car. Apart from air pollution, a hydrogen fuel car is contributing to noise pollution. So, it’s a win-win situation on both sides.
Hydrogen fuel cell cars in India
Hydrogen fuel cell cars in India

As, we have mentioned earlier that, they are covering major problems

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There are companies which have been and still working on developing hydrogen fuel cells for cars. Many have already invested billions on this project. It is the need of this generation. The level of pollution is increasing, and we have taken so many measures to decrease the level. But, there are things which have become the need of our daily lives and we cannot cut off them. So, we need to find the alternative and is there any better option other than the hydrogen fuel cells.

Some automakers have been trying to make a proper hydrogen fuel based vehicle for years.  And, the process is still on. Honda along with Toyota has given a little more focus on developing this.  Hydrogen fuel cars can fill up easily and are being able to cover long distances without any problem, unlike pure electrics, needs time to charge. But there are few places to refill hydrogen fuel cars.

India is also improving things with technology. Don’t believe us? Read about Traffic lights that adapt as per the traffic installed in Noida.

How Do Fuel cell cars work?


How Do Fuel cell cars work?
How Do Fuel cell cars work?

When fuel cell cars are going to be launched?

Grove Hydrogen Automotive is a fuel-cell vehicle startup that started as a state-backed research institute project (link in Chinese) in 2015. Grove Hydrogen Automotive made their debut at the Shanghai show with three prototypes fuel-cell passenger cars: a coupe and two SUVs. They announced that they plan to supply 200 units of a fourth fuel-cell model for rental in the southwestern city of Chongqing and in its headquarters city of Wuhan by the end of 2019 (link in Chinese).

Beginning in 2020, the company plans to put 10,000 fuel-cell vehicles on the roads for sharing.

Hydrogen fuel cell cars going to be launched In India?

Well, when it comes to India, things are pretty late here. There were rumors of the launch of the first hydrogen fuel car in India, back in 2018. Japanese carmaker Toyota was going to launch hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai in India. This could be the first fuel cell car in India if, it was launched.

Audi and Hyundai have signed an agreement and are ready to develop fuel celled vehicles.  And, both companies aim to bring and double the production of fuel celled vehicles. It all happened a year ago. But, we doubt about the progress.

These are the things which we need now, to make this world a better place somehow. And, we are so glad that Honda has come up with such a cool idea. We can drive and also helps to reduce, air pollution and noise pollution at the same time. Let’s hope that, they soon launch the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

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