The Rotten Friendship

The Rotten Friendship.

The Rotten Friendship GODofsmallthing


Even When a Friend Destroys You

A part of her remains in me still.s
Which is why I guess why it’s true that I’ll always be her friend,
Because we traded a part of us we can never give back.
When I’m friend with someone I mean it,
And so her indent will always remain.

Unable to say what you feel this writeup is something you may relate to If My Love Can Hear This.

But I was a fool as I never looked friendship with the mean angle. The perception of friendship has changed and now I have realized that she was just a friend that used me in the name of friendship. It was difficult yet to let her go yet I had to do this. I had to let Her Go. 🙂

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But One thing will always remain somewhere within me, the time when we used to laugh over a cup of tea endlessly and many more :’). I wish to see her back but only when the mean angle is set to zero.

Gaurav Tomar

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