Pakistan Media Roast: This Open Letter exposed everything Pakistan Media and ministers said

Pakistan media on India

Pakistani news and ministers are just the perfect material for a blockbuster comedy these days. No, we are not saying this because we are Indians, but because of the statements being given by them these days. Well, we do understand that it is difficult to justify or to accept the situations of their country, but still. It is a very humble and sincere request from their neighbors not because we are afraid, but because we might die laughing.

It all started when the Indian Air Force conducted a surgical strike in PoK and some parts of Pakistan. Before we could say anything Pak media started shouting that Indian airforce bombed an empty hilltop and there were no losses.

Pakistan’s jets entered Indian air space in Jammu and Kashmir’s Nowshera, F-16 shot down. 
Pakistan’s jets entered Indian air space in Jammu and Kashmir’s Nowshera, F-16 shot down.

Can you imagine 1000 k.g explosives being dropped and no infrastructure damage, leave casualties?  But the local witnesses said that the explosions were so intense that they thought it was a zalazala. An Italian journalist confirmed to having watched at least 30-40 dead bodies and many other injured being treated. But Pakistan denied it straightaway. Someone later admitted that a crow died in the bombings.

R.I.P, dude. Have a look at the statement of an eye witness


The epic,” Hamare Paas Tumhare 3 Pilot Hain” statement.

Pakistan’s jets entered Indian air space in Jammu and Kashmir’s Nowshera,F-16 shot down
Pakistan’s jets entered Indian air space in Jammu and Kashmir’s Nowshera, F-16 shot down.

This was even funnier. After the dogfight between Indian and Pakistani jet, PAF hastily announced that they have knocked down 2 Indian planes and have 3 pilots in their custody. Later the number reduced to 2. Finally, they accepted that they had only one pilot with them. Probably they realized that the other two pilots were the ones who were flying PAF’s F-16!

Have a look at “Silsila Badalte Pilots ka”

Pakistan army’s media wing Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), tweeted from his official Twitter handle at 11.49 am that two Indian aircraft was shot down inside Pakistani airspace. He said while one pilot was arrested by troops on the ground, two others were “in the area”.

Pakistan media on India
Pakistan media on India


However, at the media briefing, both the Army spokesperson as well as Pakistan’s P.M said that they were 2 pilots. 1 was injured and being treated while the other one was fine. Pakistan’s Media proudly announced this achievement, but later Pakistan took a sharp U-turn and admitted that only 1 pilot i.e. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was in their custody.


The Dancing PoW – Abhinandan dancing

Just a few hours after announcing that Pak will release Wing Commander Abhinandan, multiple videos were released on social media. These videos claimed that Abhinandan was dancing with the Pakistan army. After ejecting from 18000ft, getting rubbed by the mob that too an enemy state, he was dancing. Pakistan could seriously think of nothing better.

abhinandan dancing with pakistan army
Pakistan media on India: abhinandan dancing with Pakistan army

After assessing the video, it was evident that Wing Commander Abhinandan is not among the men shown dancing in the video. The visuals are falsely attributed to the IAF pilot and were actually Pakistan army dancing with PAF officials. Moreover, the same video was posted on YouTube under the title ‘Pak Army Dance – After Surgical Strikes on Chita Chola’.Some even started demanding Nobel Prize for Pakistan P.M.

Meet Babar Qadri: A Guy that needs attention and Punishment in most Severe Way. The Kashmir Wala that needs treatment in his own way!

Masood Azhar- Who Masood!

Masood Azhar
Masood Azhar in Pakistan

Pakistan had been denying the presence of Maulana Masood Azhar or his militant camps. But after the air strike and after immense pressure from the International community they finally accepted it. Pak Foreign Minister accepted that he is in Pak and was too unwell to move out of the house. The Pak government announced that it had taken complete control of JeM headquarters in Bahawalpur. However, they took a sharp u-turn the very next day and denied any such statement. They even went on to say that the complex had no links with the outfits.

They even found a solution to the tomato crisis created by India. Check out the video below:

So here is the thing Dear Pakistan we never want to write bad about you. But the way you do things actually makes it necessary for us to point out reality. The reality of your media and ministers is a lie. The more you say the more we have to mention. Why can’t you just accept things the way they are? Learn to accept is all we had to say.

Do You know? Pakistan demands action against India for wearing military cap said It’s just not cricket


Lots of Love:

An Indian 



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