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Timeless Games You Didn’t Realize Can Now By Played in Different Ways

When picturing a classic game, we tend to think of it in a certain way. Yet, in many cases, there are alternative ways of playing you should be aware of that can mix things up and provide a fresh take on an old classic. The following are some of the most interesting variants and versions you might like to try. 

How to play Bughouse Chess

Bingo Has Many Online Versions 

Bingo has long been a popular game where the aim is to mark all the numbers on your card before anyone else. It might seem as though there’s only one way to play, but the truth is that different variants have emerged across the planet. American players have typically played a 75-ball version while in the UK a slightly different approach with 90 balls has been used.

When you play bingo for real money online, you can now find both those ways of playing on the same site. Themed bingo games with additional rules can also be found in the unique rooms including Fluffy Favourites and Rainbow Riches rooms where the games are based on popular slots. The basics of bingo are always similar but this variety lets you find something that suits you every time.

Bughouse Chess Uses Two Boards

Chess is another example of a game that you might think has changed little over the years. You’ll often see it on lists and recommendations for games to play at home, as it is often touted as a game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. However, while the board and the pieces are firmly established and unlikely to change any time soon,  many versions twist the rules in one way or another. Bughouse chess is also known as exchange chess or tandem chess and it started to gain popularity in the 1960s.

It looks disorganized at times since two boards are used at the same time. When a player captures a piece, they pass it to their teammate who has the option of adding it to their board, since one player on a team uses white pieces and the other black. A clock is used to ensure that no one takes too long to make a move as they wait for their partner to capture a piece on the other board. 

Settlers of Catan” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by ginnerobot

Adding Randomness to Catan

Catan quickly became a hit after its release in the mid-1990s, with the number of different ways the game can be played out comprising one of the reasons it’s sold more than 32 million copìes across the planet so far. Expansions including Catan: Seafarers and Catan: Explorers & Pirates have helped boost the original game while the addition of augmented reality has added a new edge.

However, dedicated players often head to online forums to discuss their favorite ways of adding a different feel to the game by doing this like randomly setting the numbers, removing some cards, or placing tiles upside down. Catan: New Energies is the latest release in the series and it has a focus on renewable energies, but players are sure to start looking for interesting ways to change the basic gameplay before long.

All these variants and versions work well because they add fresh twists without veering too far from the classic gameplay that made the originals so popular.

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