Top Creative Ideas for DIY Tie-Dyes You Will Never Find in a Shop

One of the biggest trends in 2020 is our favorite Tie-Dyes. Fashion designers from all over the world started to use them on T-shirts, jackets, jeans, and even underwear! But why should we deprive ourselves of the pleasure of creating a unique and personalized t-shirt design at home?

Making a Tie-Dye by yourself saves money and brings a lot of joy. Prepare dyes, soda ash, rubber bands, gloves, paper towels, and a lot of imagination because we are about to make the most creative Tie-Dyes.

A Watermelon Slice Dress

Let’s admit it, watermelons look very cute. Using pink, red, light, and dark green dyes, you can create a T-shirt or a dress that resembles a slice of watermelon. This is a great option for a pool party or a beach day!

Here you can find a guide on how to do it properly:

  • Find an old oversized white T-shirt. You can steal one from your boyfriend or a friend if they let you do it. If you don’t have a white T-shirt, it can be light-yellow, very light-pink, or light-grey one.
  • Wash and dry it.
  • Cut the sleeves. You can make the armholes slightly dropped if you like it.
  • Soak a T-shirt in a solution of warm water and soda ash for about 10 minutes.
  • After soaking, wring the shirt out thoroughly.
  • Now, you can start the magic!
  • Dye the lower part (around 4 inches in width) of a T-shirt with dark and light green colors. Use a rubber band or tie a knot to separate a green area from the white one. Don’t let green color stain the white part. After you finished dyeing, wrap a plastic bag around a painted area.
  • The top piece of a T-shirt should be dyed with pink and red. Use a lighter color on top and the darker one on the bottom. You can also add dark-orange if you have it.
  • Put a T-shirt into a plastic bag and wait, wait, wait. After at least one day, it will be ready.
  • After 24-48 hours, dry your masterpiece. Then, wash it in warm water a couple of times. Don’t put other clothes into the washing machine together with a Tie-Dye the first time!
  • Now, when your Tie-Dye is washed and dry, you can draw black seeds on a red part with a sharpie or embroider them, if you are patient enough.

Your super cute, hand-made watermelon Tie-Dye is ready. It can be a beautiful gift for a special person. Or your new favorite piece of clothing. The decision is yours!

Create a Family Look with Your Pet

Nowadays, there are all manner of pet clothes on the market. Cats and dogs look very cute wearing them. But there are not so many pet clothes that match the outfit of their owner. What a pity!

You can buy a white pet T-shirt or make it by yourself. There are many tutorials on how to create clothes for pets. Then, dye your T-shirt and the one your dog or cat will wear in the same way. Both of you will look stunning!

The principle of Tie-Dyeing is the same as described in the part about a watermelon dress. Wash ⇒ dry ⇒ soak ⇒ wring ⇒ dye ⇒ wait 24-48 hours ⇒ dry ⇒ wash until the water is clean. Use it every time you make a Tie-Dye.

Get ready to receive a lot of attention when you go for a walk with your dog wearing the same Tie-Dye T-shirts. It will look charming and creative.

Tie-Dye a Face Mask

The most common accessory in 2020 is a face mask. Many fashion lovers complain that they have to wear it to all public events, and it doesn’t let them look stylish. There is no reason to complain because a face mask can look very trendy too.

You can make a Tie-Dye face mask that matches your clothes or accessories. It can also become a bright accent for a total black or a total white look. The trendiest colors of 2020 are flame scarlet, faded denim, Biscay green, and coral pink. You can order the most fashionable paints and look stunning.

There are many patterns for you to choose while making a Tie-Dye. You can make hearts, circles, gradients, polka dots, and many others. Using imagination, you can invent your own unique pattern, and it will look even more stylish.

Final Thoughts

Some trends never go out of style. Tie-Dyes is a case in point. Thinking outside the box leads to ingenious results. While using your imagination and creativity, you can create a beautiful piece of clothing! Hopefully, these ideas will help you refresh your wardrobe in a pleasant way without spending a fortune on it.

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