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How to Transfer Skills across Various Games

The days when people associated gaming solely with teenage boys and nerds are long past. These days gaming is embraced by people of different ages and sexes, ensuring a much more widespread appeal.

A lot of that is down to mobile gaming and the sorts of games that are most suited to that format. Titles like Candy Crush Saga are smash hits, while there is no shortage of people taking free daily spins of the slot games at Jackpotjoy and other sites.

Millions of people around the world are choosing to play those games and that is then sparking an interest in other genres of game. Especially when they come to learn that skills picked up in one sort of game can be transferred over to help with another sort.

In this blog, we will look at some of those transferable gaming skills.

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Sharp Hand-Eye Coordination

Slot games may seem like a very simple, basic form of gaming, but playing them on a regular basis will equip a gamer with sharper hand-eye coordination. Success in the slots is about being able to keep an eye out for winning lines of symbols while also manipulating the game buttons to keep the reels spinning.

Online gaming
Online gaming

The improved coordination between the hand and the eye will be extremely useful when it is transferred across to a popular first-person shooter game such as Call of Duty. That genre of game demands the ability to spot sources of danger and shoot them down instantly, before they do the same to you.

Rapid Reaction Times

Another skill that is essential for success in first person shooter games is rapid reactions. Often you have only a split second to get your shot away during the game to avoid being gunned down yourself.

How to Transfer Skills across Games
How to Transfer Skills across Games

That ability to react very quickly will be a big help when playing a game in a totally different genre: for example online bingo. In a bingo game you must react to the numbers being called and mark any you have on your bingo card as quickly as possible.

Should you get a winning line of numbers, or a full house, you must also call out instantly. If you fail to react quickly enough to the win, someone else may get in ahead of you and steal it from you.

Making Smart Decisions Under Pressure

One skill players learn from the game of poker is to be able to make intelligent decisions when the pressure is on them. Poker is a strategy game, but also a psychological one and good players can make clever strategic moves when under mentally stressful conditions.

Online gaming

This can obviously be applied to other games involving gambling. For instance in a slot game bonus round, where the player is presented with more than one option to potentially win a prize, the ability to think clearly under pressure will be an advantage.

However games such as role-playing fantasy ones often demand decision-making at crucial moments during the play too. Making the wrong choice can lead to catastrophe within the game universe and the ability to remain calm and think about what the best move will be is a highly useful skill to have.

Development Of High Levels Of Dexterity

One type of game that forces players to become more dexterous is the sports genre. Think the official FIFA soccer game where players have to manipulate the console controls to make the players move on the pitch, try to score goals or defend against them.

This learned skill can be transferred over to other types of console games. Action and first-person shooter games both require high levels of dexterity, as the gamer must move characters out of the way of potential danger or into the best positions to get a shot off.

The Ability To Forge a Complex Strategy

Total War and Endless Legend are the opposite of action and shooter games. Success in playing them rests on being able to think ahead and work out a strategy that can be applied over a longer stretch of play.

Online gaming

Many of these games are about building worlds or empires and involve thinking three steps ahead about how to secure resources and build useful contacts. That kind of strategizing is something that can then be applied with equal effectiveness to a casino game like blackjack.

Blackjack is arguably the most strategy-based casino game of all. Having the ability to develop a plan as the game progresses, and based on your evolving hand of cards, is what will determine whether you can beat the blackjack dealer or not.

There are lots of skills that are developed playing one type of game that can turn out to be useful in another type.

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