Travel Bloggers: Explore the inside out with Rahul Yuvi

Explore the inside out with Rahul Yuvi

You can never sit in one place and gain life experiences. The only thing which you can gain by sitting in one place is your body weight. Pun Intended! Unless you travel, you will never be able to broaden your perspective about the world. Traveling brings fluidity in our lives. If you want to learn the art of letting go and move on, all you need to do is to visit different places, meet new people, try new things, and hence move forth. For how long can you keep the tiny details of your trip locked in your memory? Not much! Hence, the ones who travel usually maintain travelogues. 

Inside out with Rahul Yuvi
inside out with Rahul Yuvi

With the coming of age, the world has gone digital and the diaries are replaced by online blogs. One such travelogue, we came across is Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi. The blog is run by an Indian couple, Nishtha and Rahul. They also have a child Yuvi and the only thing their family loves to do is to travel, eat, sleep, and repeat as they mention in their blog. As the name suggests, the blog is not only about “going out”, but it also has an “inside” attached. We believe as travelers, Nishtha and Rahul love exploring the outside world as well as their inner selves. Hence, apart from their travel diaries, the blog has a Book review section as well. The blog also has a Restaurant/Resort Reviews section and a Spiritual Write-ups section. Well, how a travelogue can be complete without a human interest stories section? Hence, they have an Inspirational Human Stories section too. 

inside out with Rahul Yuvi
inside out with Rahul Yuvi

With more than 10k followers on Instagram and more than 5k followers on Facebook, the couple has an audience who trusts their insights. We are one of their admirers as well. Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi is also on YouTube with around 1.62k subscribers where they put up their travel videos and also share some product descriptions. A family, who travels together, builds their personalities together. This family is surely gaining some lifetime experiences together. Rare it is to see a family who loves traveling and scribbling.

Moving on to some of our favorite blogs on their website: If you are an avid traveler and don’t like to pack heavy, this blog will surely prove to be of great help-Traveling with one bag: 8 ways to pack light for a long-term vacation. In the Restaurant Review section, one of our personal favorites is Best Mughlai Restaurants in Mumbai, India. Since it becomes quite difficult to find Mughlai food in Mumbai, this blog will surely help those visiting the city for the first time or so. The blog is not only limited to India, but they explore international destinations as well. From Las Vegas, Singapore to Dubai, you will find quality travelogues on various international destinations.

They are open for collaborations and if you have a travel writer inside you or you have some personal travel stories to share, you can contact them here. Listed under The Best Indian Blogs Directory 2019, Inside Out with Rahul Yuvi is a blog you must check out right now. 

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