True Love Paves Path To Success : A True love Story .

 A True love Story.

Going to the days when I was way too young and like every other child, I used to study. My school was a government school with luxurious facilities such as a single water tap and Washroom for both men and women. Like everybody else I too had an ambition of becoming something in my life and that something, for the time being, was to somehow get this boring lecture over and rush to the class in front of mine.True Love Paves Path To Success

I was staring in the other classroom and my greedy eyes tend to look for someone. Someone? Yeah, someone, I dint knew her name at the very onset. All I knew was she was the one I wish to go and sit with. If this is love then you can tag me as a lover (I don’t mind). As my eyes were looking for someone my teacher could identify that I was not attentive and asked me to stand up and get out of the class.

“This has become a habit of yours” shouted the teacher.( Indeed It Was .)

Since it was a regular thing for me, nowadays I don’t even feel ashamed. So I quietly moved out of the classroom with a smile. The smile on my face was because I could see her more closely from outside.

One Day as I was standing out of my class and was smiling. My Sport’s teacher came up to me and noticed that I was blushing and was constantly staring at one particular girl.

“Do You Know her name? “Asked the teacher.

“Who? What? I didn’t get you, sir! Sorry sir “replied a student fearing expulsion.

“Jenny is the name “Replied the teacher.

I knew he has caught me staring at jenny “ The Someone “  but I still Tried to get away by some or the other means but failed to do so. However, the teacher did not take me to the principal rather he took me to the Ground. I was rather happy (as I had a feeling that I might have avoided expulsions).

“I want you to start your butt moving as fast as you could. So get your legs moving and start “.

I was happy from inside as running was something I didn’t consider as a punishment so I ran as fast as I could for 10 mins or so.

The next day the same routine followed up and my sports teacher again took me to ground and asked me to do the same. I thought of this as a punishment (I Thought!)and  This went on for a month and One Day when I was asked to move out of the class. I could not spot jenny . I was kind of sad as my eyes searched for her but could not spot her. My Teacher again came up to me and asked me to move to Ground .I was goind mad so I starting to yell

“Why don’t you take me to the principal and expel me, I am tired of running everyday “

“You have a sportsmen inside that I can see but the world could not “

“Me? An athlete? No way. I barely run apart from the punishment you give to me. Me Going Home

I am not going to run “

“ I have something for waiting for you outside “

The teacher forced fully took me to the ground and I could see a bright and sparkling face standing just next to a white line. What is she doing there was the first thing that came to my mind

“Only the fastest will be able to touch jenny “briefed by Michael (The SPORTS Teacher)

He whispered in my ears “You Think you will let anybody else touch her first?? Remember if you lose, somebody else will touch jenny first and you might lose her and now it’s up to you if you wanna go home “!!

I would not have been able to see someone else touching her so I had decided that no matter what happens I am going to be there first.

The Race Started and I Ran like a mad bull that I dint even allowed anybody to come near her or me. I clocked the best time of my school.Woah!! (I was only bothered about jenny, though). From that very moment, I started taking Athletics and sprinting seriously. Jenny Walked Away But I am still running.  And hey I think you know me? The Bolt?? Usain Bolt??

You Got Me Right.  This was my story of turning into an athlete or “BOLT” as you all know

True Love Paves Path To Success


This story is purely fictitious and has no resemblance to the real life of Usain bolt. But That’s what fiction is all about 😉

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