Union Cabinet announces X % reservation for the weak sections amongst Upper Class

Quota system in India

quota system in india
quota system in India. Image Credits: YouTube

In a major landmark decision, the Union cabinet today announced a 10% reservation for the economically backward weak amongst the upper caste. Currently, there is no reservation for the people of general category no matter how poor or downtrodden. This was a long pending demand of many people of the society who were poorer than many Dalits but belonged to general category.

Reservation for General Category in India

The 10% hike in the reserved category has raised the quota of reservation to 60%, which is more than the guidelines laid by the Apex court. People of the general category who fulfill the following criteria will be benefited from the decision:

Reservation for General Category in India
Reservation for General Category in India. Image Credits: Stylewhack
Criteria for Reservation:
  • Families where the total annual income is less than 8 lpa(Lakh per annum ).
  • Families dependent on agriculture and having less than 5 acres of land.
  • Families have a residential house less than 1000 sq. ft.
  • Families having residential plot less than 100 yards. In notified municipality area and less than 200 yards in non-notified municipality area.

Reformation of the Reservation system in India:

To implement the reservation, the government will have to introduce an amendment to the existing law. As per the sources, the government will introduce the amendment on Tuesday in Lok Sabha.

While it has come as a welcome step for many, the leaders of the opposition and almost everybody are labeling it has an election gimmick. Congress spokesperson, Abhishek Manu Singhvi has questioned the government as to why was this not introduced in 4 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s era. He also said that it is just a gimmick since the total reservation cannot exceed beyond 50%. He, however, did not clarify if the INC will support the amendment.

Major Challenges Ahead of Reformation of the Reservation system in India:

 Reformation of the Reservation system in India
Reformation of the Reservation system in India. Image Credits: iPleaders Blog
Are you against the Reservation System?
caste reservation system in India
caste reservation system in India. Image Credits:Indian Youth

Now, the question arises that how is reservation wrong if it is being given to uplift the oppressed section amongst the upper classes. Another notable question that we would like to be considered is why not creamy layer should be introduced in the SC / ST category. Why shouldn’t reservation benefit only those who are not able to join the mainstream society? Who will take care of the poor people of Upper Caste? We are waiting to see how SP and BSP and other parties who have been vocal about the benefits of reservation, react to this move by the government.





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