Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra of molestation

Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta has accused co-actor Mohit Malhotra of touching her in an inappropriate way during the shoot of a TV soap, Daayan. The actress was also seen crying on sets and complaining to the producer about the incidence.

In an interview with Spotboye, Dutta said, “He would say that his character demands that he should keep his hand here and there. There was a big showdown on the set. It happened at Klick Nixon Studios when we’re shooting for a hospital scene.

Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accusses co-actor Mohit Malhotra
Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra. Image Credits: Dainik Bhaskar

Some media people were also there and they saw this. Of course. I made it loud and clear. I have done rape scenes, romantic scenes and intimate scenes before in my career, but never faced something like this with anyone before. He is so annoying. He is so frustrated.”

Dutta also claimed that the co-actor didn’t change even after repeated warnings. She said, “It was going on since a long time. I went public only after it became so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. Nobody gives excuses like him that ‘woh scene mein bahek gaya tha’. He can’t say he got carried away. He was obviously doing it deliberately.”

Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra
Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra. Image Credits: India TV

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#metoo making loud noises in the Film and TV industry

Tina Dutta also became a part of the #metoo movement which was started by Tanushree Dutta when she accused veteran actor Nana Patekar of misbehaving with her during the shoot of Horn OK Please. Since then, #metoo has become the center of attention in the industry and every woman who has ever been misbehaved by any actor is making her loud and clear in the media. Whether it is the famous Babuji of the industry, Aloknath or the big filmmaker Raj Kumar Hirani, everyone has been accused of sexual harassment in 2018-19.

Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra.
Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra. Image Credits: www.jagran.com

Sexual Exploitation common in every industry

#metoo is not only making rounds in Bollywood but it is common in every industry. Last year ace shooter Deepika Deshpande claimed that sexual exploitation is very common in sports but she and her friends were always vocal about any such incidences which gave them the power to travel freely around the world without being harassed.

We came from an NCC background. We were vocal about anything wrong. Even if a bedsheet had a hole, all five or six of us would fight together for new sheets. Unwanted attention from men would be nipped in the bud. It helped us travel all over the country and the world without facing harassment,” said Deshpande after a discussion on the state of sports at the Mumbai Press Club.

Tina Dutta Bold
Image Credits: India.com

Is #metoo a solution?

Recently, Hichki actress Rani Mukherjee was lashed upon by the media for giving her honest opinions on #metoo and sexual harassment during the actress round table conference with Rajeev Masand. The actress said that the women should be strong enough to take a stand at that time of harassment instead of being vocal about it later. Well, we partially agree with Mukherjee. Being vocal about the incidence in the media may scare the accused but why wait till you get harassed?

Everyone whether a man or a woman has a tendency to sense any kind of wrong touch or gesture made for them. So, as soon as the slightest hint of exploitation reaches you, STOP! Warn the person and if he/she doesn’t understand then either complain about it immediately to a superior or handle it your way.

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Did you know the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013?

If any colleague demands sexual favors in a work field then he/she can be accused of sexual harassment. Also, it has been suggested that workplaces should have an internal complaints committee in the organization.

So, no matter which industry you work in, you should not face any kind of exploitation and just make a move at the first step to stop the same.

Full support for Tina Dutta

Tina Dutta
Uttaran fame actress Tina Dutta accuses co-actor Mohit Malhotra. Image Credits: iDiva

Well, in the end, we would say, Tina Dutta, we are with you! And nobody has got the right to barge in anyone’s private space. We are proud that she complained about the incidence as soon as it happened and we believe that strict actions should be taken against the accused.

Any kind of sexual exploitation whether with a man or a woman is obnoxious and should be condemned as soon as one realizes it!

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