Watch Video: “MS Dhoni, Not Just A Name” ICC Salutes MS Dhoni – God of Small Thing

Happy Birthday Dhoni:

One of the biggest entertainers of the cricket game. MS Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the best player India and the world has in the cricketing era. With Mahendra Singh Dhoni turning 38 today. The entire world has been acknowledging the birth of the sensation by sharing videos and photos over the internet.

Happy Birthday Dhoni.Watch Video: "MS Dhoni, Not Just A Name" ICC Salutes MS Dhoni
Happy Birthday Dhoni. Image Source: Twitter

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ms dhoni birthday date:

Dhoni was born on July 7, 1981, and he started his career against Bangladesh on December 23, 2004. MS in his first game scored a duck and not many remember the duck as he went on to become as most successful captain of Indian cricket.

Just a few hours before MS dhoni’s birthday ICC gave a tribute to MS by sharing a video with the title ” MS Dhoni, Not just a Name” and the video has received more than 700k views in a whisker.

Watch Video: “MS Dhoni, Not Just A Name” ICC Salutes MS Dhoni

Why MS Dhoni is important for the Indian Team?

Maestro Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been an important part of the Indian team for his way of playing. Dhoni and his style of finishing have been a delight over the last decade. Dhoni is a tough man to chase on the field and we all know He has his own strategies in the game. In his entire career, Dhoni has always been the finisher for Team India and only sometimes, he needs a partner who would run to his best with him to guide India to a win.

MS Dhoni and his Achievements:
MS Dhoni and his Achievements:
Happy Birthday Dhoni: MS Dhoni and his Achievements

MS Dhoni needs no introduction. He has ruled a million heats for a very long now. He is the only Indian captain to have excelled in all the 3 versions of international cricket. Undoubtedly He is the best and the career stats prove its point too. Let’s have a look at the achievements of MS Dhoni –
MS is the only captain in the world who won 3 international Cricket Council (ICC) tournaments. These tournaments were –

  • T20 World Cup 2007
  • ODI World Cup 2011
  • Champions trophy 2013
    MS is the only one captain till date who has played the largest number of matches, 339. Let’s look at the number of matches won by the Indian team in the captaincy of him
Happy Birthday Mahi. Watch Video: "MS Dhoni, Not Just A Name" ICC Salutes MS Dhoni
Happy Birthday Dhoni. Image Source:

MS Dhoni Career:

ODI: 200: 110: 74: 5: 11
T20: 72: 41: 28: 1: 2
Test: 60: 27: 18: – :15 (Drawn)

Let’s have a look at who is a better player and captain amongst the two big giants of Indian cricket: Virat Kohli vs MS Dhoni

Is MS Dhoni going to retire soon?

ICC applauded Dhoni for his cricketing and captaincy skills. However, there have been rumors about Dhoni’s retirement for quite some time. According to some reports, Dhoni would retire after the world cup. This is his 4th World Cup Tournament.

In a news report by ABP News, a reporter asked mahi if he was planning to retire. Dhoni took a casual jibe at the statement and said that even he is not aware of his retirement date. Dhoni also responded to his critics by saying that many people want me to retire before the match against Lanka.

MS Dhoni going to retire soon. Watch Video: "MS Dhoni, Not Just A Name" ICC Salutes MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni going to retire soon. Image Source: IndiaTV News

According to the report, Dhoni quickly clarified that the ‘people’ in his statement do not refer to his teammates or management. This was a befitting reply to those who keep speculating about his future.

Earlier, news agency PTI’s report said that India’s last match at the World Cup could also turn out to be MS Dhoni’s last match in international cricket.

The report quoted a senior BCCI official saying – “You never know with MS Dhoni. But it is unlikely that he will continue to play for India after this World Cup. But since his decisions to quit captaincy from the three formats have been taken so suddenly, it is very difficult to predict at the moment.”. This further cemented the rumors of his retirement.

However, media reports and Dhoni’s statement have confirmed that these speculations as mere rumors. Dhoni probably wants to play more matches and tournaments for India.

Additionally, skipper Virat Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri are ardent supporters of Dhoni. Not only these two, but the entire team has extended their support to Dhoni.

We can only wish him all the best for matches to come and expect some more fabulous performances.


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