Watch Video: Sunny Leone speaking UP/Bihari dialect left people dumbstruck. Video goes viral


B town celebs learning something new is so common. They often learn and try new activities according to their films.

Lately, sunny Leone has uploaded a video on her Instagram account which is blowing up the Internet. In that video, she was seen talking in Bihari. Yess!  That’s true. She was talking in Bihari language to the person behind the camera. While some say it’s a Bihari dialect while some say its a local UP dialect. We are still looking forward to getting more clear with what sunny says onto this.


According to the reports, sunny is busy preparing for her new film. Her new horror comedy film “Kokokola” is coming.

Sunny Leone  Kokokola.Watch Video: Sunny Leone speaking UP/Bihari dialect
Sunny Leone  Kokokola.Watch Video: Sunny Leone speaking UP/Bihari dialect. Image Credits: India Today


She captioned the video with -When you are so much into the character!

And this caption left us wondering if she is really doing a Bhojpuri movie or playing a role of Bihari woman in Bollywood movie. Only a day has passed since she dropped a video on Instagram and that video has garnered over 19 lakh views within a day. Her fans couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on her video.  Half of her fans found this video cute. Not only her fans but we are also amazed to see her talking in Bhojpuri.


Watch Video: Sunny Leone speaking UP dialect:


She said while talking to media, ” I am open to learning new things. It only helps me grow as an actor. It is always fun to learn new things. And, about the dialect in the video which I am trying hard to get it right”.

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Soon, she will be seen in south films like Rangeela and Veeramadevi. She was absent from Bollywood movies for a period of time.

Sunny Leone talking in Bihari
Sunny Leone talking in Bihari. Image Credits: News State

But, soon she will be soon coming to theatres near you.

Well, In a very less span of time, she has gained a good amount of followers. In spite of so many haters, she always comes up with her best version. She has come a long way. From an adult film star to a Bollywood actor, she has turned the table. We are so proud of her. Her journey is so inspiring. In karenjit Kaur – the untold story of Sunny Leone, a documentary made on sunny Leone in which she has unveiled everything about her past.

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It’s always fun seeing our favorite B-town celebrity engaging in something interesting.


What do you all think about her video?  Did you like the video? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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