10 largest economies in the world in 2024

United States With its diverse economy and technological advancements, the US continues to hold its position as the world's largest economy

China As a global manufacturing powerhouse and rapidly growing consumer market, China maintains its strong economic growth trajectory.

Japan Despite demographic challenges, Japan's advanced technology, manufacturing, and services sectors keep it among the top economies.

Germany Known for its strong industrial base and export-oriented economy, Germany remains a key player in the global economy.

United Kingdom Despite uncertainties surrounding Brexit, the UK's finance, technology, and services sectors contribute to its economic strength.

France A leading economy in Europe, France benefits from its diverse industries including aerospace, automotive, and luxury goods.

Brazil As the largest economy in South America, Brazil's natural resources and growing consumer market bolster its economic standing.

Italy With a rich cultural heritage and a focus on manufacturing and tourism, Italy maintains its position among the top economies.

Canada With its abundant natural resources and stable financial system, Canada remains one of the largest economies in the world.