10-Minute Full-Body Workout Routine

Do a basic warm-up that gets your heart rate up and moves your whole body.

Jumping Jacks  (1 minute):

Doing a set of controlled squats will tone your legs and make your core stronger.

Bodyweight Squats  (1 minute):

Doing push-ups for one minute will work your core and work out your chest, shoulders, and arms.

Push-Ups (1 minute):

A one-minute plank practice can help you get stronger in your core and be more stable.

Plank (1 minute):

Adding high knees to your workout will get your heart rate up and work your lower body.

High Knees (1 minute):

Forward steps done back-to-back for one minute will tone your legs and improve your balance.

Lunges (1 minute):

Do tricep dips on a stable surface for one minute to work out your arms and build power in your upper body.

Tricep Dips (1 minute):

Do bicycle crunches, switching between touching your elbows and knees to work your abs.

Bicycle Crunches  (1 minute):

Burpees for one minute are a great way to finish strong and get a full-body workout.

Burpees (1 minute):