7 Banana Dessert Recipes

Banana Bread: Banana bread is a classic and popular treat. For more flavour, add nuts, chocolate chips, or a cinnamon swirl. This juicy, savoury dessert is ideal for any occasion.

Banana Ice Cream: Make a healthy and simple banana ice cream by mixing frozen bananas until smooth. Customise with cocoa powder, peanut butter, or chopped nuts for a delicious and guilt-free frozen dessert.

Banana Foster: Sauté sliced bananas in a caramel sauce prepared with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to create this decadent delicacy. Serve it with vanilla ice cream for a rich treat.

Chocolate-dipped banana bites: Slice bananas into bite-sized pieces, then dip them in melted chocolate and freeze until hard. These frozen, chocolate-covered banana bites are a simple yet tasty dessert.

Banana Pudding: Layered banana custard with vanilla wafers and whipped cream is a popular treat. Choose handmade custard or a fast mix for convenience.

Banana Pancake: Make banana pancakes for dessert instead of breakfast. For added sweetness, add chocolate chips, almonds, or a drizzle of maple syrup.

Banana Split Parfait: Make a deconstructed banana split by stacking sliced bananas, vanilla yoghurt, chocolate sauce, and crushed almonds. Finish with a maraschino cherry for a delicious parfait.