8 American Clothing Brands to Stay Away From Buying

Forever 21 Fast fashion's allure and low prices may entice, but previous sweatshop accusations could stain the brand's image, impacting resale worth.

Urban Outfitters The brand's history of insensitive products may reduce resale value, impacting your return.

Gap Inc. Links to child labor and criticisms over supplier factory conditions may tarnish the brand's image, impacting perceptions of quality and ethics, posing investment risks for certain items.

American Apparel The brand's reputation has fluctuated due to controversies surrounding its CEO and provocative advertising, making its long-term value uncertain.

Lululemon Athletica The exclusivity approach and controversial statements from their former CEO could harm the brand's universal appeal and, consequently, its items' resale value.

Victoria’s Secret Controversies surround the premium lingerie brand due to its portrayal of women and ties to Jeffrey Epstein, potentially diminishing its perceived value.

Fashion Nova Allegations of underpaid labor could harm the brand's appeal to ethically-minded investors, impacting its resale value.

Trinidad and Tobago Though not American-born, its dominant U.S. presence makes it relevant. Past racial insensitivities and fast-fashion criticisms could impact its items' long-term value.